By the time we arrived in Halifax, it was almost 7.30pm and we had to look for the right street to go to my favorite Japanese restaurant in Halifax.  I say my favorite .. because the owner and chef is also a Japanese .. and you can’t go wrong right..?

We ordered very quickly .. because it was quarter to 8pm .. when we arrived.  But alas, they took their time to serve us the food.  The sashimi came first.. but it was the udon that we wanted first.. because Chloe was very hungry.  The udon only came at 8.17pm.. took half and hour for the udon to come..*slap forehead*.  The sashimi was fresh ..  and as usual.. the octopus was hard and chewy.  But it was overall pretty good – this dish cost like $15 + tax.

The sweet potato tempura came out second.. but alas no udon still.. and chloe refused to eat the tempura.. even though she had it the last time we were up in Halifax.  It was alright.. the vegie tempura –  I cannot remember how much this cost.. i think $6 or $7.

Then the chicken teriyaki for the “ang moh” which was a wee bit spicy for his liking .. because of the ground pepper as you can see in the picture.  Edible of course.. and the chicken was very soft. Still no udon as of yet.

Then the chawanmushi came.. and still no sign of the udon .. and when i asked for it.. they said it was coming.  Not much customers by then.. so i don’t understand why the delay.  Anyhow, the chawanmushi had a huge stick of imitation crab stick, vegies and a huge chunk of chicken in it.  I didn’t get to eat a lot of steam egg if that is what you wanna know.  But i love chawanmushi.. and will take whatever there is.

Finally the udon with chicken came.. but alas we had forgotten to tell them not to put any greens in it.. else the brat wouldn’t eat them.  So while picking the greens out.. and chloe fussing because of the greens.. i ordered another bowl without the greens.  Chloe loves the udon .. and the chicken was very soft.. but she only ate one piece of it.

Using chopsticks for the first time.. she did very good.. and ate the full bowl of the second bowl of noodles.. and left the first one for me.  The chicken udon cost $5.50 and the plain one cost $5.00 .. hahhahaha!!

The “staff” of Dharma Sushi  had requested that i not post their picture on my blog on 12 November 2009 , there was no name to the email and i was debating whether it was genuine, but why go thru’ all the trouble right..??  *shrug* .. i am wondering if they know that they already have pictures all over the internet.. that was how i found their restaurant in the first place.  Anyhow, i took it down, outta not wanting to waste time on it.

It was a lovely meal.. albeit a wee bit expensive by the time we left – $60 tax and tips included.  I only had green tea.. and “ang moh” had water – chloe had her own water.  Dharma Sushi is located at Argle Street – Halifax.  They do not open on Sundays and this is as authentic japanese food as you can get in Halifax.

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  1. Pandora

    oh looks so yummy.

    I usually just order udon, california roll, and yam tempera roll.

    I don’t like the raw stuff

  2. Frances

    The place looks very nice and the sushi dishes look delicious! I love Japanese cuisine. It is always a special treat to go a Japanese restaurant because they can get expensive when you’re dining with the whole family, so we only get to enjoy sushi on special occasions! 🙂

  3. CT

    Reading your post gave me a craving for Japanese food : O. I haven’t had it for a while. I always order a side of yam tempura with whatever I’m eating : ).

  4. Tsuchiyama

    Wow, the food looks delicious. I love chawanmushi too. kagawa ken sanuki udon is the best in Japan. I prefer sanuki udon in a kansai soup base (clear soup base) than the kanto soup base (dark color soup base). chloe seemed to enjoy her udon. .
    Thanks for the uploading, MB..?

  5. shirleyloo

    yeah, looks tempting eh this authentic jap food… so coincidently I oso had my lunch at jap rest yday hehe … I love chawanmushi as well but of coz the texture must be smooth enuf if not I wont like it loh.. wont order udon most of the time coz prefer their tori karaage (fried chicken) & salmon sashimi only 😉 poor lil Chloe have to wait so long for her udon (am wondering how long more to wait for her 2nd udon to arrive eh?)

  6. Lina

    Food looks yummy. I like tempura n chawanmushi, prefer ramen to Udon but i dont mind eating tempura udon once in awhile.

  7. Alice

    I had jap food tonight. Sashimi being my favorite too. I like steam egg too. Actually it is pretty easy to prepare too!

  8. Audrey

    Looks yummy, I agree with the Susan, $5.50 is really cheap for udon. Wish they had it for that price here.

  9. keen

    Like Chloe, I would prefer Udon. The Sashimi, tempura and chawanmushi look delicious no doubt.

  10. Mei

    Udon is not my fave, I prefer ramen like Lina. But the tempura looks, I had an all sorted veggie one yesterday. Love chicken teriyaki too!

  11. cutiemonkie

    What camera are you using? The pictures turn out really well! Are you using a DSLR? These pictures make me hungry!! Esp. the sashimi! Except the shrimp looks a bit thin @.@

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