I love cheesecake!  the more authentic it is .. the better for me.  But like all diabetic .. you and I know that I cannot have so much cake.  So we bought frozen ones instead. .that way .. i can cut a piece at a time.. to eat.. without feeling guilty that i might waste the food away.

Often ppl asked me, how come I can eat Cheesecakes.. but you see the key of eating as a diabetic is not to deprive yourself of the food you like.. but to eat in moderation.  Yes.. you don’t need to control the food you take.. just look at the nutritional information… and eat a little a a time.

Yes.. just this tiny piece.. for the whole week.  I never crave for it.. but if i think about it.. i would take a small piece.. and freeze the rest.  is there diabetic cheeseckes..?? i bet there is out there.. but wouldn’t it be simpler .. just to control the portion you eat..??  luckily i’m not a dessert kinda gal. LOL…!!  no i am not dieting..i’m just counting my sugar contents.. in the food i eat.  As you can see… it’s the “ang moh” who had to cut the cake for me.. because it’s frozen.. and i donch wanna kill myself.. muahahhaa!!

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  1. tsuchiyama

    Welcome back MB. I agreed with you. To eat in moderation is the best way to remain healthy. This frozen cheesecake looks delicious too.

  2. shirleyloo

    MB, you consider very gud jor loh .. know how to control ur food intake (unlike my sis-in-law everyday makan noodles n nasi until now sugar level touch 11 jor); moderation is very good for any1 & every1 actually … keep it up we will support u 😉

  3. Frances

    Yeah,i totally agree with Tsuchiyama, enjoy your food in moderation is the key to a healthy eating habit!:0)

  4. Lina

    Jan, i know u’re one of those who’s discipline when comes to eating healthy, ‘ka yeow’ ok? ;-P

  5. Penang Gurl

    Mama bok, the cheese cake look delicious. Well, i shall convince my mum to cut down on her food as well. keep it up…

  6. Mei

    Ummm, cheesecake yay! Best thing you could do is make your own using low fat cream cheese and sweetener instead of sugar. And use light digestive biscuits and add fruit!

  7. Janice

    Hey MamaBok! Its good that you’re eating in moderation *thumbs up* Cheesecake is so yummyyy…sometimes its very hard to resist~

  8. soofen

    My father has this diabetics as well but he stop everything sweets like cakes… maybe I can just let him have a little to just fulfill his craving instead of cutting out…

  9. i love green and chocolate

    there are frozen cheesecakes? for how long? i enjoy eating cheesecakes too and i crave them from time to time, but since i’m a diabetic too, i didn’t buy any cuz i thought they would get wasted since i can’t leave them in the fridge for too long. but i live w/ a family that loves sweets too so even if i do buy one, they would be all gone the same day, which would make me equally sad x(

    and yes, there are diabetic cheesecakes like the one in junior’s restaurant in nyc, i have yet to try it out haha

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