1. Lina

    Luckily MB stated Jo is 2nd or else….i’ll fly over Japan thrash it out with u ah Jo…hahahah

  2. tsuchiyama

    HI Lina, MB.
    Are you ladies serious? I think I will talk to u ladies on MSN again. I know Lina is the most qualified person to be little Chloe kai mah. I used to chat with Lina on line and I must say that Chloe is always on her mind, She used to ask me advice as to what to get for Little Chloe. Was this or that suitable for chloe etc etc. I knew she doted Chloe. I am very honoured to be Chloe second kai mah . I really like her. You ladies should know I have no kid and I love kid. But this is only my personal point of view. The most critical question is Am I qualified to be Chloe second kai mah? Lina loves chloe and no doubt Lina is my web friend, I trusted her as a friend. How can I share her kai lui , how can I snatch her kai lui all of a sudden. I am not qualified enough.I knew she loves chloe so much .The last thing I would want to do is to hurt my friend or chloe. Please do not jump into conclusions so soon.I am contented enough to be chloe`s aunty. Belle, Fiona. Shirley, Julie , Barbara please give me a hint. I knew Lina is a person of great virtues but I still want to say Sorry to her. I am sorry , Lina. i will talk to you soon.

  3. tsuchiyama

    Hi MB , Lina.
    After much consideration, I think I will be little chloe AIYA kai mah lah, not the real kai mah .I really did not help you or did anything much for you before ,MB. I thought you were joking on our MSN live chatting.I doted Chloe on my own will and I believe many of your fans doted Chloe too. Lina helped you in many ways. I am never good in computers or anything,I can`t help even though I would want to . I hope you can allow me to continue to dote on chloe as her aunty joey or aiya kai mah but I really feel nobody can take or share Lina position as Chloe kai mah lah. Your kindness is greatly appreciated, Thank you, MB. Maybe I am quite Japanese in terms of thinking on this point, I do not want to be unfair to anybody, be it Lina or blog fans of icecubejunkie who doted Chloe as much as I do.

    Aiyo.. Kai Mah Joey,
    you think too much.. muahahha!!! this is Chloe’s idea.. and decision.. 🙂 she asked if she can have 2 kai mah. I know Lina is an absolutely awesome kai mah. .and i donch think she minds sharing chloe with you. Chloe is the one who is so honored to have both to be her Kai mah..!! so enjoy being call Kai mah Joey.. ok.. 🙂 Chloe sents her love to Kai Mah Joey..!


  4. Michele

    Hi Jo,

    I don’t think it is bad for Chloe to have more than one ‘kai mah’, so you shouldn’t worry about it as MB says so herself. Please don’t feel so bad. You are such a great person. 🙂

  5. Mei

    Hahahaha Lina, you are so funny! Jo, I think Lina was just joking about
    flying over. Don’t think too much la, just enjoy being Chloe’s 2nd Kai Mah. (Even my mum says having more than one kai mah is great – more gifts).
    By the way, love the Hello Kitty bag!!!! <3

  6. Tsuchiyama

    Hi MB , Lina
    Alright , I`ve fully understood. I have spoken to Lina on line yesterday therefore my worries have been resolved. Thank you Lina, Thank you MB.Thank you for your understanding.
    Thank you Jen, Ms Mei and Ms Michele.
    To all my web friends , My laptop hanged down yesterday and I could not log into my facebook account anymore (it is stated that my e mail address was not valid and I could not recall my e mail address ). I have tried to re- log in and have sent many mails to the FB team but the problem was not resolved. I think my FB account is gone . To all my web friends, please direct all mails to me directly or to my MSN hotmail. Jen, if you do not have my MSN address, go to MB or Lina. I do not click into facebook that often therefore i think I will just have to let the account cease off. Thank you for your attention .

  7. shirleyloo

    Indeed a gud choice Chloe 😉 more kaimas = more love; im sure jo will be happy deep down insideto have a kailui eh?? precisely fit for u lah (coz u dont have kids yet)… maybe get another baby boy to be your kai chai??

    as for Lina, I cant imagine if u really gonna trash Jo muuuaaahahahaaa 😉 (jz joking here ok?)

  8. christina

    yes, just don’t think too much. As we know, kids are very straight forward, if they like you, they will tell you straight from their face. But if they dislike you and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to get into their world at all….. And Chole is so lucky to have 2 nice kai mah.

  9. ilovetvb

    Little Chloe is so lucky to have 2 Kai Mahs to love her. She is so lucky. Jo and Lina, I am sure that both of u r the best kai mahs ever. I agree with Shirleyloo that more kai mahs = more love. So Jo, don’t worry, you r not taking anything from Lina…you r just sharing.

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