During our mini-vacation a couple of weeks ago, I had a lobster sandwich from Macdonald’s on the way home.  It was already late at nite.. i think about 9pm .. and I was really hungry.. and didn’t want to eat any burger.  Lobster Sandwich is not for every Macdonald’s in Canada .. i think they only have it in Nova Scotia .. if i am not wrong.  The lobster sandwich is pretty expensive .. about $7.00 and the taste was alright lah.  Nothing to really shout about ..  since they were frozen lobsters.  The dressing were pretty sweet .. but surprising.. my blood sugar after eating them.. were pretty good.  So if there are any diabetics out there.. and wondering if they could eat a lobster sandwich .. i would say yes.  But i donch normally eat a lot of these.. for i feel not worth it lor.. for I can get the whole lobsters usually for $5 a piece from the wharf.


  1. Pandora

    wow they’re serving lobster now too lol… I haven’t seen this in our BC McDonald’s yet.

  2. kokoro

    Wow! $5 for a whole lobster is a cheap as cheap! I wish lobsters were this cheap here in Sydney. I would love to visit Nova Scotia one day but it seeems to be a place so far, far away for me…:(

  3. shirleyloo

    yes yes very cheap leh !!! $5 woh!!! I dun even know whether we can get lobster head with that value hehe…

  4. jenny

    WOW how come mc.donald in NY never have stuff like this,looks very yummy..im so jealouse 🙁

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