Lunch at work is a problem.. for a diabetic like myself.  Not only do i have to cook for Chloe – which means.. a somewhat tasty meal.. but also to pack my own lunch – it means.. cooking differently .. but yet the same.  I cannot afford the time.. to cook separate meals.. so i improvised .. and do away with stuff that Chloe would eat.. but i cannot.. and add cucumbers and tomatoes to balance out my own meal.

Unfortunately, even with the best intentions.. it sometimes does not go well with the body.. if certain things are not carefully watched.  Like too much rice and too little vegies makes one blood sugar go really high too. The only safe bet for my lunch is wanton soup with very little meat and lots of vegies with  one egg roll .. and my sugar level would be good.. after 2 hrs of eating.  Unfortunately, one cannot eat wanton soup and egg roll everyday right..??   And like a clever diabetic.. I try and test everything.. as much as i can.. to see what works.. and what doesn’t.. you can understand .. why sometimes.. my fingers are sore right..? The price of poor health.

Sayang Sayang 2 Episode 2

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  1. Lina

    I saw some mushrooms 😛 Indeed a little troublesome having to cook n improvise huh especially so for u, always racing with time

  2. Frances

    This meal looks delicious! I wouldn’t even know that it was a meal for a diabetic… I would eat it myself 🙂 I can only imagine how hard it might be to try and find a balance, but I have no doubt that you will do just fine!

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