The last day of our mini – vacation we had wanted to go back to Dharma Sushi, but i decided against it.. and chose to eat at Momoya instead.  I’ve been to Momoya before .. and the chef and owner I think is from Hong Kong.  They are quite different from Dharma Sushi .. but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Chloe was in love with her chopstick .. since using it the first time just a few days ago at Dharma Sushi.

Agedashi-tofu was ordered insted of chawanmushi and they were one of the best i’ve eaten. Silky tofu.. and sweet sauce.

Some cute decor at Momoya.

The “ang moh” had teriyaki chicken with rice.. and although the plate looks funny.. it was pretty good food. Chicken was soft.. and i had all the salad that he didn’t want.

Chloe turned into an expert with her chopsticks overnite.. as you can see in this picture.

The “ang moh” had always used chopsticks to eat .. whenever we are in a chinese or Japanese restaurant.  Funny lor .. to see any “ang moh” eating with a pair of chopsticks.

Chloe loving her udon..  and the soup as well.

When she can’t grab the noodles.. she uses the spoon instead.  She is smart like this.

California maki for me.. but they were disappointing lor.

She is pretty good eh.. with the chopsticks..??

The kitchen area of Momoya .. and the boss.  I haven’t been here for so long.. i bet he had forgotten me.  Momoya is located at Barrington Street, downtown Halifax.  You can’t missed it.. and they have better hours than Dharma Sushi.  I can’t remember the prices for the individual dishes.. but we paid less than $30 for the whole meal – which was pretty good.


  1. Lina

    Hey, that’s consider good for a start. Keep it up Chloe! Ang Moh can handle the chopstick really well, in fact, better then some Asians 😉

  2. kokoro

    It is pretty obvious that Chloe is a ‘noodles’ girl! Way to go with the chopsticks, Chloe!

  3. keen

    The food looks yummy especially the teriyaki chicken rice. I am a “rice” person. Whenever I go for vacations I always look for our Asian food.

  4. shirleyloo

    quite cheap oso eh the food thr? hmm, soon lil Chloe will be eating rice with chopsticks i guess…. like an Asian 😉

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