Like many of you .. I’m always busy but that does not stop me from pursuing an interest like my dear friend – who went for an online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership .  I am inspired by her because she like myself is a busy mother who works full time and plays full time.  There is never a moment where it is left for idle, unlike most people that I know here – who make every excuse just not to do anything but stand outside a coffee shop and chat, smoke and more chatting.  Such a shame but I’m entirely different, I can’t wait to pursue my dreams.. and now that Chloe is older, I’m looking forward to sharpening my skills in web-designing.  The local college does have a course here .. but if i took an online course – that is from a reputable online university and its papers are recognised for future references, that would be the way to go for me.  Why..??   because we own our own business and we have a kid to watch full time, it makes it more feasible to do an online course instead of having to physically go to school at a restricted time with timetable.  For people who are discipline and focus like myself, and knows what they are getting into – online studies are really a good thing – but like everything i do and advise my friends – looking into every aspect of what you are getting into is very important.  So if you don’t see me updating as much, you will understand that I’ve found a course that I am happy in doing.  Wish me luck eh !


  1. Mei

    Good luck MB! Can I recommend a website software for you. It’s called Dreamweaver (unsure which version is out now). I used this in uni in one of my modules. I think in courses like these they will ask you to design a website using forms, tables, frames etc… So fun!

  2. snow

    I support your decision MB! We should always try to upgrade ourself and gain more knowledge. It’ll be hectic but satisfying

  3. Lina

    I really admire your strong will n determination in upgrading yourself. All the best n Gd Luck Jan!

  4. shirleyloo

    All the very BEST MB… you will definitely find ur dream course to pursue .. INSPIRATION is good eh 😉

  5. Frances

    MB, I think that is a great step in the right direction and I wish you all the best of luck with this endeavor! Keep us posted on how everything goes!

  6. Uncle

    Hi Mama, I am not only admiring but total envy the direction you are heading, just pure cool….cheers always

  7. CT

    Oh my goodness, that is great news! I’m so excited for you. It is certainly a blessing to be able to pursue a dream : ).

    Good luck!

  8. keen

    The happiest people are often those who have found a way to put their aspirations into practice. MB, you have set your goal. Here wishing you all the best of luck.

  9. That’s exactly what I will do when my both my newborn and toddler grow up later 🙂 Good luck Mamabok!!!

  10. Tsuchiyama

    ganbatte kudasai(strive hard, work hard) my friend.
    Mr Uncle. your comments always made me smile. Well, very funny when you address MB as Mama. I heard a little about you from Lina. I knew you are a cute funny uncle.Thank you always.

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