The “ang moh’s” favorite place to eat up in the city was Swiss Chalet but lately, we haven’t gotten any good food from there.. so we didn’t planned to go to Swiss Chalet.  But the second nite in the city, and not knowing what to eat… we decided on the Swiss Chalet in Sackville and it was pretty good actually.  We had a waiter and the service was not bad at all.  The steak that i ordered was supposed to be medium well .. but it was quite burnt .. but still edible.. but you can definitely smell the burnt .. and the after taste wasn’t good truth be told.  I ate a lot as you can see during this trip, but i told myself, nevermind lah,  i can get the best diet pills after i get home from vacation .. muahhahaah!!!

The “ang moh” had his usual quarter chicken. .and it turned out pretty good or maybe he was just hungry enough – since he had Dim Sum only in the morning .. hahah!!  The extra potaotes were given.. because he didn’t want the salad… but he didn’t even touch the other potatoes.  He isn’t a huge eater.. but a junk food junkie.

The brat had chicken fingers and fries of course.. although she only finished 2 instead of 3 of them.  But the fries .. she sapu all .. immediately.  See lah..!! *slap forehead*

Brat wearing my sweater.. coz’ she said she was cold wor..  !! so hot.. !!!  in the restaurant..!  We had an overall good experience of course.

Harry Porter and The Half Blood Prince


  1. Frances

    Love that cute expression on Chloe’s face!:). I am glad you guys had a great time on vacation and ate alot of yummy food. It is funny that i feel the same way you do, i always eat alot on vacation and gain a few pounds when i get back home, then i try to exercise hard and back to eating normal habit, hopefully to lose those extra pounds!:)

  2. Tsuchiyama

    Thanks for the uploading MB. I am never fond of meat except seafood. I will gain slight weight (1 to 1.5kg) during long vacation too because I ate so much more but once I reached home from any long or short breaks,I will definetly have diarrhoea for the next straight few days and my weight will go back to the usual 43~44 kg.My kai kui eating habits are quite similar to me. Good thing wor..Once such body stystem was built from young regardless of how much you eat, you won`t grow fat.(personal opinion only).
    Ah… But Maybe selective eating habits might not be so healthy for a normal child growth lah.

  3. shirleyloo

    so yummy!!! I can even guess the fries must be for lil Chloe without scroll down to the desc hehe 😉 cant believe your hubby is such a small eater loh, normally those ang moh can sapu the whole big pizza by themselve ger woh hehe.. hmm, check out lil Chloe’s teddy bear – it’s wearing a dress huh?? 😉

  4. kk

    hahaha Chloe looks grumpy from being interrupted from eating her fries hahaha.. similar to my facial expressions when I get interrupted during my TVB series hahaha

  5. keen

    Yeah, it is very normal. We tend to eat and enjoyed all sorts of yummy food during our holidays. So long as it is back to healthy food after that lor!

  6. snow

    the food looks yummy!I think most ppl tend to eat alot during vacation and then try to slim down after that, me included. What’s the point of going vacation if you’re not indulging yourself and try all those nice food. Not everyday mar…

  7. Hi .. you always cook great food, eat out great food. Thanks for finding all the links for the movies.I have frequent your website to catch up with your blog, chloe and food.. haha. Until about 6 months ago, got pregnant and was sick the whole time. I came back and found your new blog .. just wondering how do I access the movies?? Thanks very much

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