This is the famous Poutine.  You can find this dish all over Canada – but not anywhere else.  When I first arrived.. and saw this in the menu.. i asked “ang moh” what is this poutine about.  When he described what was in it -French Fries, cheese curds, covered in brown gravy – i knew i could never eat something like that.  But poutines are eaten by the young and old – and it is in a lot of fast food restaurants… and just about any eateries here in Canada. Originated from Quebec – the crazy french ppl up there.. hahahha..!!   I’ve been here for 9 years now. .and I haven’t eaten one of those.   I’m almost amazed everytime i see something eat this heart clogging dish.. and wonder why someone could make a snack or meal of it.  But to each his own eh..   🙂  wanna try some?


  1. Lina

    From the description, with cheese n gravy, i got a feeling i’ll like this. Looks yummy too! 😛

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