When a customer who worked at Wendy’s came to tell me that I had to try this Sweet & Spicy Asian Wings.. because it was darn good and darn spicy..  i had to try it right..??  So i did .. !!! for about $5 .. 6 pieces of boneless wings.. it looks quite pathetic right..??  but nevermind lah.. i told myself .. just as long as it is good food.. no problemo lor.. !! but alas..!!!  it’s the most horrid sauce ever.. !!!!!! and not spicy at all..!!!!!  and the sauce was so horrid.. i couldn’t eat it .. !  as much as i hate to waste food.. you know i never waste my calories on bad food right..?? so yes..!! be warned.. if you think of getting the wings..  DONCH..!!!


  1. snow

    I had the same experience too. Ordered something hot and spicy and turned out it wasn’t hot and spicy at all and the sos was horrible!!! Lesson learnt – nvr order anything with asian sos at ‘ang moh’ restaurant cos they will mess it up. Even bbq or black pepper sos here is horrible.

  2. Summer

    It looks delicious. Is it easy to make this at home? If you know the recipe, please let me know. Thanks!

  3. Michele

    Thanks for the tip, MB. Good thing I didn’t get it; I was kind of curious about it. Now I don’t have to waste my money. 🙂

  4. SN00PY

    …… too late i read this a bit late… i tried it and it was horrid!!!!!! WORST SAUCE!!!!!! doesnt taste nothing like how it suppose to….

  5. Ember

    Really? Really? I thought it was delicious… It’s just your opinion, you can’t say that just because you didn’t like it, everyone else won’t. I think many people should try it to see if they like it or not. At some wendy’s, if you ask they’ll let you try it before buying it. You should never go straight off what people say…hey you could absolutely love it.

    It’s a little sweet at first and towards the end it can be a little tangy. So it’s not completely sweet and it’s not spicy at all.

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