Before we left for our mini-vacation earlier this month, Chloe received a special package from down under from Auntie Vernessa.  In fact, we also have Auntie Jenny also from Australia to thanks because she mailed it out for Auntie Vernessa.  I’m sorry it took me so long to post this up.. it had been crazy since we got back from our mini-vacation.. the store was busy.. we had so many weddings and stuff going on here.  Seafest, the extended family in town .. and more doctor’s appt and then Chloe started on her Ready, Get Set Go Program for her new school.  So here we are at the end of July – but we did not forget .. and we are very, very grateful that you are so thoughtful.. and Chloe was thrilled with her gifts..  🙂

Chloe and I are so blessed with so many kind folks out there.. and we feel so loved and so cared for ..  thank you for making my brat feel so special about herself. You all bring the best out of us.

The lovely package of goodies, so nicely wrapped up in a pretty pink bag.

STICKERS..!!!!!  woohoo..!! chloe’s favorites..!!

Very pretty hairbands.. that chloe wore during our vacation.

A story book – which of course is Chloe’s favorite too.

A hello kitty towel  – so sweet and thoughtful of Vernessa

And a very heartwarming letter from Vernessa..  i’m truly touched .. by your kind gesture.  I donch know how i can thank you .. and repay you for your kindness.

All the goodies.

Chloe modelling the hairbands for you.

Thank you so much .. Vernessa..!! bless your kind heart !

Sepet ( A Malaysian Movie) – Yasmin Ahmad

Priscilla Chan’s Live Concert (2008)


  1. Lina

    I’ll be thrilled too if i were to receive such nice beautiful gifts 😛 I like the pink/turquoise crystal like stones hair band. Looks gd on Kai Lui Chloe 😉

  2. shirley loo

    really kind hearted of auntie vernessa yo!! sure lil chloe be thrilled of receiving soooo many gifts at 1 time eh??? happy for you lil one 😉

  3. Lina

    Yeah right, well said ‘uncle’…the more the merrier but looks like shortage of uncles leh…heheheh

  4. Tsuchiyama

    Thank you Ms Vernessa. You are very kind and thoughtful. Chloe is blessed to have so many kind and generous aunties like you to dote on her. Thank you Ms Vernessa.

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