About a month ago, we received another package of food and Hello Kitty stuff for Chloe from none other than very generous .. Auntie Jo from Japan.   Chloe was sick then.. and so i was too busy to take pictures.. and put up this huge thank you .. to Auntie Joey.   But Chloe was thrilled.. and enjoyed everything that Auntie Joey sent. There were also gummies in this box.. but Chloe had already opened them and shared them with her friends at the store.  Yes, she is very proud to show off to everyone.. that she has an Aunt in Japan.

A lunch box, fork and spoon and also a brush from Auntie Joey, in addition, there was a pouch from hello kitty .. but Chloe used it today .. to bring her lunch to summer day -camp.. i bet she is gonna show them off to her teachers and friends at day camp.  Chloe is indeed blessed.. and we are overwhelmed by Auntie Joey’s generosity.   Thank you again.. Auntie Joey..!!  you are too  kind..!!!


  1. Michele

    Wow, that’s really nice. Chloe is so blessed to have a aunt like Jo.

    Jo, you are so NICE! Do you have any kids? I forgot to ask and don’t recall from previous posts. You probably do. How many?

  2. tsuchiyama

    MB, Wah Lau. Next time please don`t upload pictures about such matter leh. I am very pai sei(maybe wrong spelling, somehow recalled lina sensei used this word before). I am still very Japanese in certain issue lah. I doted chloe out of my own will,own heart.. I think by now you should more or less know my character. No need to show people lah. I know your heart lah.
    Hi Ms Michele.
    I am a person who appreciates people kindness and treasures friendship. I am very thankful to MB for the efforts and time she has put in for us fans. My doing was very little compared to what MB has done for us. Through this blog, I knew a few wonderful web friends . I really like my web friends and I wish all my web friends and their families well. That`s it.
    I have no kid.

  3. Pandora

    that is so nice of auntie joey. ohhh… lots of different pocky flavors.

    is the kiwi flavor any good?

  4. Alice

    Hi Tsuchiyama! Are u on facebook? I’ll like to add u as my friend? Can or not?

    I bought a pack of the meiji mix berry flan, taste sooo goood!

  5. Tiffany C.

    WOW!!! Pocky’s are all time favorite for kids and adults. They look so colorful and yummy ^__^

  6. ellyzatyc

    wow! didn’t know pocky had so many different flavor and comes with those attractive boxes

  7. Mei

    Waaa, more pocky from Auntie Jo! What does the kiwi one taste like? BTW I love the Hello Kitty lunch box!!! 🙂

  8. Bonny

    oOOoOoO…hello kitty bento box. I love bento boxes..it’s very unique and cute. Never tried the kiwi flavored pocky…how is it? I want to try it but not sure if it’s sour.

  9. bunessa

    finally got my internet working properly!!!

    omg chloe’s so lucky =[
    kiwi pocky?!?!?! looks so good!!!
    wish i had an auntie like joey =[

    thanks for sharing mamabok

  10. Michele

    Jo, you are truly a wonderful person w/a big heart. You gave me your email on facebook before but I don’t have it anymore. Can you please send it to me again?

    Btw, what are you going to school for? I read about that in some other post.

  11. Sam

    Chloe is lucky to have such a nice aunt. I never had kiwi pocky before, wonder if its any good.

  12. sophia

    omg pocky. those are hecka good. i want a aunt like cloe’s auntie jo, she so sweet. and love the hello kitty stuff, i want it for my lunch box now lol.

  13. Jenni

    Omg is that Pocky..I absolutely love them (=’_’=). In the UK there arent that many flvours but when Im in the big cities, I try to buy as many as possible..hahaha

  14. tsuchiyama

    Hi Ms Michele and Ms Alice. I am a half Japanese but I grew up in a few countries before therefore I am attending japanese lessons for expatriate jap children and foreigners now. I am learning first,higher grade Japanese in the meantime . I like to mix with foreigners than my own people thus going to school allow me to know many foreigners friends and to kill time . It is my pleasure to know you too. Please go to Lina and you would be able to find me.
    Lina. Got ur message liao. Hahahha. cannot understand the Jap conversation of shinjuku incident hor. Tell me which part, I will translate for u lah.
    I am a slacker translator though.(hahhaha.) I faced problems in understanding the hokkien part spoken by the taiwanese yakuza.(but more or less understand lah.stay in singapore so long liao. can understand but cannot speak lah). Ba tok yell liao , time for lunch. (hehhehe.. must show off my hokkien to my sensei lah)

  15. fiona

    Hi Joey, that’s so generous of you. Chloe is so lucky to have auntie Joey.
    aww, hello kitty stuff is so cute. I love the bento box especially.
    mmm, pocky snack are the best. Kiwi flavor — that’s interesting. Wonder how that taste.

  16. fiona

    Hi Joey, you’re such a wonderful person and very generous. Chloe is so lucky to have such nice auntie. Hello Kitty things are so cute.
    Kiwi flavor pocky? What’s the taste like?

  17. tsuchiyama

    Hi to all blog friends of this blog. Thank you everybody for supporting this blog. I am glad to know everyone of you here on this blog. I am only eligible to be little Chloe aunty lah. I cannnot be you ladies aunty leh..I am very young looking lah (hahhahhha..)Hope to talk to you ladies again on this blog. Bye.

  18. tsuchiyama

    Hi Fiona. How are you doing? I did not hear from you for some time. I hope you are well. Drop me a mail whenever you are free. take care, my friend.

  19. shirleyloo

    wahh…so giant size of the pocky from Jap huh?? all wondering wats the taste of kiwi flav pocky eh?? u really have kind thoughts lah Jo… hmm I oso wanna learn from ur sensei lah.. can i ‘teh’ u a bit ah? hahahaaaa…

  20. Alice

    Lina: I’ll like to add you as a friend in facebook too. Could u let me yo’s too, she said to ask you. Mine’s alice kwek (kwekalice@yahoo.com.sg).
    Thanks so much!

  21. Mei

    Ooo… I found the kiwi flavour in Japan Centre! It has a sour flavour to it… Like in natural yogurt. Hm, hard to describe.

  22. Edwina

    Awh. I want some Pocky too. >.>
    Heh I love Japan. Most of my stuff are from Japan too. =D
    Chloe is lucky to have an aunt in Japan. <3

  23. tsuchiyama

    Hi Lina , shirley. O.K lah . my sensei and you can ‘teh’ anytime. Just the two of you and my little chloe of course. (hahhahhha..)

  24. Joyce L

    That’s really kind of Jo! The Hello Kitty lunch box set is just too cute! Now Chloe can eat lunch from a cute Hello Kitty lunch box 🙂

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