Chloe Cooking With Aunt Helena

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I donch know about other parents.. and moms.. but i love getting chloe involved when i am cooking and doing stuff at home.  So when she wanted to help… Aunt Helena cook.. we let her else she would be asking ” but why can’t i help?  I’m a good cooker” .. hahah!! and a good thing Aunt Helena’s flooring are ceramic tile and not carpeted like some of my friend’s places.


What about you ..?? do you let your kids help you ..?? or did you help you mom..??? as for me.. my mom was too busy to let us mess around the kitchen.. wherelse.. i always keep myself in check.. and make sure i have time .. for being silly with Chloe.


A mandatory picture with the celebrity chef .. and the guest chef – aunt helena .. and chloe.


But truth be told ..  Aunt Helena did most of the cooking lah.. while i stir fried the minced beef.


After soaking the lasagna sheets .. Aunt Helena started doing her magic.


See chloe over there .. kaypohing still


Now the good stuff.. cottage cheese and shredded cheese


And there you have it .. Lasagna in 45 mins.

Home Grown Tomatoes

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These are home grown tomatoes from Aunt Helena’s garden.  We went to visit Chloe’s grandparents..  and we also had home grown corn .. which by the way is still the best.. and the sweetest.   For those who are not aware of this..  “ang moh’s” parents are big on growning their own vegies.. because they have a 100 acre land..   so if we visit during the season of harvesting.. we get to eat all the good stuff.   Chloe have a bag of peas to bring home too.   The best thing about “ang moh” land is .. lots of land.. so growing your own vegies..and flowers are a norm here.. unlike in Asia.. land is so precious.

Soup Time

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So it was the weekend.. and usually during the weekend.. we are busier.. and this weekend.. it was worst.. because we had company from outta town.. and then we also had the storm that came thru’ Nova Scotia.  It did hit us.. although not hard enough to weep about it .. we’ve seen worst.

So it was kinda cold..  and soup was due since we haven’t had any for a long time.  I also made red bean soup with sago and white nut .. for our outta town guests.. . and pretended i was the best chef.. muahhahaha!!!  I need to put more ginger in my hum choy tofu soup the next time.. and more red beans in my red bean soup.   So how did your weekend go..??


Old World Bakery

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We had some friends who are moving away to Alberta in 2 weeks visit us today at the store.  I knew we wouldn’t be seeing them for a long time after today.. so i dragged “ang moh” out with us .. for a cuppa and some desserts at Old World Bakery just up the street from us.  Of course, the children came with us.

foodThe Old World Bakery had been in business for a few years now.. and I see they have quite a few new food.  These are fresh sardines .. are not from here locally though.  But they do look awfully yummy..!! gonna try this sometime soon.


Fresh tuna for your sandwiches.. really very tempting.. but i just had my lunch – bummer..!


My favorite Baklava .. even though i can’t eat it.. as I am diabetic.. but i bought it.. because everyone needs a treat .. once in a while.  By the way the owners of Old World Bakery is from Greece.  So they do make authentic desserts and cakes.


Corn Bread Muffin..!!! woohooo..!! my favorite.. i used to eat them.. at Tony Roma’s back home. You know .. what i’m having for tea tomorrow eh.. hahhaha!!


This is Cara, having her cookie like a good gal.  She is younger than Chloe … but you can see she is well-behaved and not once she whined.


I donch know what is this.. but they sure looked good eh.


Our friend had this.. and “ang moh” had a cinnamon roll while the rest of the kids had cookies.  Chloe had a strawberry and orange shortbread cookie.. but she took one bite.. and said she didn’t like it.


Chloe and her friend, Cara – you all should see Anika.. she is so super cute..  :)  It’s too bad they are leaving town.. but the move was planned.. her father is in the airforce… and her mom is like a supermom.. young and capable – hard to find around this town.  I complained that all the good ppl are moving outta town.. *sigh*  But good luck and all the best to them.. of course.

Bolster Cases From Aunty Aida

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I had told long time blogging friend Aida.. from Nunavut that I can’t find bolster cases for Chloe.. and a few days ago, we received this .. in the mail for Chloe ..  :)  Chloe loves them.. and wanted them on her pillow and bolster straight away.  I’ll have to get Aunty Aida to sew more for Chloe.  Thank you so much Aida.. for sewing them for Chloe..  you are a gem.


Can’t wait to receive the other two that are on its way.

Thank You, Auntie Irene

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We received a package in the mail from Auntie Irene from Vancouver. It is very thoughtful of Auntie Irene and as always .. chloe immediately opened it.. and used them.  Auntie Irene is a blogging friend for a long time and she wished Chloe a good year ahead for school.  Thanks .. Irene..!!!  We are grateful for friends like yourself – Chloe has yet to get a postcard for Hailey.. but they are coming .. i promise.

Pita Place

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There is a new food place in town .. and of course .. loving food.. and healthy food.. i wanted to go try it out immediately.  So off the “ang moh” and i went to check it out.  This place used to be a pizza place.. but is now a pita place.. with a new owner and all.  Shabby looking from the outside.. but the interior looks good.. as they’ve just renovated the inside.


The eatery is currently sparsely furnished.. but that’s to be expected.. afterall they are new.  I know they would do more .. once they have settled in.


We went at about 2pm.. so there was only one table occupied.


I had the steak and cheese pita.. with a little of everything .. from mushroom to pineapple, onions, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes.. and some bbq sauce.  The food was not bad at all.. but the meat was very little..  not like i miss them.. but it would be nice to get a bit more since it was like $8.50 after tax and i donch remember seeing any cheese in my pita at all.  What a bummer eh.


The “ang moh” had chicken ceasar .. with vegies, cheese and a little mayo.  His was a wee bit cheaper at $7.50 after taxes – but definitely more chicken strips would be good.


The owner was the one who served us.. and they had a little hot plate to heat up the meat that came from the kitchen.  He had his gloves on .. when he went to the back and closed the door behind him.. and came back and did the food with the same gloves – hahahahha!!  but i’m pleased to report we didn’t get diarrhea .. hahahahha!!!  the owner didn’t say much to us.. and it would have been nice.. if he did.  You know in the food industry.. it’s important.. to chat with your customers.. and build a repertoire with them.

pita2Overall verdict ..???  it’s was pretty good.. i had a good meal.. but definitely wouldn’t be able to afford it everyday … much less the kids at $18 for both of us.. just for pita and no drinks or any other thing.   But i do wish them to stay .. and make good.


The menu

Package From Kai Mah Jo – Japan

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Last week we received a package from Kai Mah Jo from Japan.  I am sure fans of this blog already know who Kai Mah Jo is.. and look how happy Chloe was.  Chloe while opening the package said this to me : “It’s like Christmas mom..!!! ” muahahahahha!!!   Thank you so much Kai Mah .. Jo..!! you really donch have to spend so much money on Chloe..  we know you got heart lah.. but really no more pressies ok..  :)  I really appreciate it.. but how to repay you for your generosity .. i can’t even find some unique gifts that she can’t get in Singapore  around here to make something priceless for you.  You and Lina are so kind and generous to Chloe..  the “ang moh” and I speechless..!!

Strange Talk 2009

A Message For Auntie Kai Mah

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You see lah..!! even Chloe knows her auntie kaimah spends too much on her.  Today we received another package of dresses from Auntie Kai Mah, Lina.   Aiyoyo.. !! this Auntie Kai Mah ..!!!! you know what ang moh asked me.. .when we opened the package..???  He asked if we know each other before I came to Canada..  ???  you see lah.. !! you are so generous.. even he is very amazed by your generousity.. Lina..!! no more pressies ok.. promise promise..??!!!!???

Barb.. now i know how you feel.. hahahhahahaha!!!!!

Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist (too funny must watch)

Chicken Salad

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So what did you have for lunch..??  did you have a salad like Katelynn did..?? i donch know if you all know what kind situation i am in.  I’m in a stubborn situation.. like i said.. i won’t eat anything that’s not worth eating.. why waste my calories right..?? if i wanted something green and healthy.. i prefer to lightly stir fry my broccoli with loads of garlic.. and very little oyster sauce.  I can’t eat this.. muahahahha!!!  yes.. it’s mustard on it… and it’s the normal way of eating salad here.


An ex-employee who wanted to go on a diet .. ordered a salad like that.. but drenched the whole bowl of salad with thousand island dressing..  and when i said drenched.. i meant .. really drenched..  !!!! and when i told her.. that she might as well have a slab of steak.. since it was healthier.. than what she had.. she was really annoyed with me… hahahahha!!!   But I guess i’m just stubborn.. but yet.. i put on weight like nobody’s business..!!! not fair..!!!

The Stew Of Life (Preview/Synopsis)

Sayang Sayang 2 Ep 5

Food Review: Taiwan Delicacies 4

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Food 007 Ep 3

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dll :

May 12, 2009

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A&W Hot Dogs

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I love a good hot dog.. but what do i consider as a good hot dog..??  I used to love the coney dogs back home.. and even better when I get it on Tuesdays.. because it was either cheaper.. or it had some kind of chilli on it.  In Canada.. the A&W donch know what a Coney dog is.. therefore.. it’s just plain hot dog.. with some tomato ketchup .. and relishes.. and mustard if you so choose to slap them on.

At $4 a piece of bun and a hot dog.. i donch think it is worth it.  I do get them once every 4 months or so .. when i do have a craving.. and refused to buy a whole bag of bun.. and a whole bag of hot dog.. because no one would eat them .. except me..  and i ain’t eating hot dogs for the rest of the week.. hahahhaha!!!  What about you ..?? where is your favorite and cheap hot dogs..??   And donch ask me to try Pink’s hot dog in LA..   it’s good.. but really too much hype for me.. i like the good food.. but not too much hoo haas.. about it.

Pork Floss From Alice

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome | Friday 21 August 2009 1:47 pm

Remember the box of food from Singapore from Alice in April..?? yes.. ! Alice from Singapore sent it.  But I am treating all my treats with special care.. and eating them sparingly.  I opened the 2nd can of Pork Floss from Alice last week.. and only eating them very slowly..  because they are too awesome lah..!!   I haven’t had pork floss for so long.. you wouldn’t even believe me.  But this was so good.. and I opened it at the right time too.. because I was missing home again.

Yes.. they were still in their original wrapping.. tucked away safely in my pantry..  :)  And no one shares them with me.. so i can really take my time to eat them..  :)  talking of which.. i should cook some congee soon.. and eat them with this yummy pork floss..  :)  Thanks again.. Alice..!!  you are my angel..!

Lots Of Love From Kai Mah Lina Singapore

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This is long overdue – but you all know I’ve been up to my eyeball without our regular sitter… and taking on too much. But I’m sure Kai Mah, Lina would understand and wouldn’t be upset with me.  And when i said .. the greatest asset of having this blog is having friends from all over the world.. like Lina..  I’m so not kidding.  Look at all the things she sent Chloe already.. and more now.  This came a month ago – and she had specially ordered it online for Chloe.  Thank you so much, Lina – we really donch know how to repay you for your kindness and your generosity.. you have such a big heart.

Chloe loves this french like dress.. and she wants to wear it.. but it’s a little bit too big for her.. but soon, soon she will be able to wear it.

The material is very soft.. and it shimmers.. when chloe moves or dances with the dress.

She is indeed very happy with this dress.  Thank you .. Auntie Kai Mah Chloe said.

This dress is big for Chloe too.. but she already wore this for her cousin’s wedding last month.  She loves the color.. and it’s such a summery dress.

Posing for Kai Mah wor..  :)

This is her favorite.. she wants to wear it .. all the time… but i donch allow her to.. because it’s a party dress.. and it’s still a little bit too big for her.. so she has to wait.  But she asks for it at least once a week.. muahahah!!

Acting coy..  :)  so classic right this dress..??  Kai Mah sure got good taste lah..!  Chloe is so blessed or what.. you all tell me lah..???!!!???

This was what she wore for her cousin’s wedding.  Thank you so much .. Lina..!! you are way too generous..!!  And it was Chloe who insist on putting her pictures up.. to show all her friends.. her presents from her Auntie Kai Mah – donch blame me hor.. Auntie Kai Mah.. muahahahha!!

Food 007 Ep 2

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dll :

May 06, 2009

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Shark’s Fin Anyone?

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We have our yearly Shark Scramble last week here in our town.  For those who are not aware of this, we are a fishing town here and one donch need no medical exam life insurance to be a fishermen here. Yes..! and everyone wants to be a fishermen .. because you only work so many months.. and then one can go on unemployment for at least half a year just doing nothing.. or some would work under the table.

So if you are wondering why your bowl of shark’s fin are so expensive.. you can see that the shark has very small fins, so you ain’t gonna go very far killing one shark.  Anyhow.. the shark scramble is where ppl who are interested in going out into the sea and catching the biggest shark.  This year.. i think the winner of Shark Fest came back with a 300 and something pound.

I haven’t eaten Shark’s Fin for the last 9 yrs.. and boy …!! do i missed it.. but every year i’m reminded.. how cruel .. these sharks are sometimes killed.. and that makes me wanna eat them less and less.  What about you ..??

Every year.. they have students from the fishery dept .. taking some statistic about the sharks.. measuring their teeth.. and cutting out their tummy to see what they had eaten.. and stuff.. you know.. the yakkie stuff.

These sharks are so small.. they are not even worth weighing in.. you can see that this is one of the boats that went out .. a few days ago.. for the contest.  What does one win..?? during the Shark Scramble..?? I think the first prize is $5000 and 2nd prize is $2500 and the 3rd prize is $1000.

Donch Sell My Kai Mah !!!

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,My Musing,The Brat | Monday 17 August 2009 3:38 pm

Sometime last week, good friend Barb and Kai Mah Jo were teasing Lina about Uncle Boomer on FB .. and when i was reading the messages to Chloe since she wanted to see what was going on.. as i was laughing .. Chloe got alarmed and started crying.  She said to me..  “DONCH SELL MY AUNTIE KAI MAH..!!!”

But i didn’t have time to take a video of that funny incident.. so here is another .. a few days later.. when i asked Chloe again about selling her Kai Mah.  Enjoy..!!! she is a funny kid eh.

Sayang Sayang 2 Ep 5

Surviving A Trip To The Supermarket With Your Kid

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,My Musing,Shopping,The Brat,The Other Half | Monday 17 August 2009 2:21 am

A trip to the supermarket with the brat usually entails quite a few scenario.   It’s not always bad.. but you see .. the “ang moh” sometimes forgets that the brat is a kid..  and a 5.5 yrs old at that.  He forgets that kids whine and gets bored easily too.   Sometimes she wants to sit on the shopping cart .. and not want to walk. .and at other times.. she insist on going into a cart like that.. and pretends she is driving.  It’s alright if she stays inside these cart.. but of course, you can’t really expect that right..?

Mostly, she has a lot of questions to asked.. and also a lot of things she wants to touch as well.  At other times, she would cooperate and post for the camera.   Despite all her brattiness.. you can be sure.. that you will never hear my  brat roll on the floor and stamp on stuff.. or break someone things.. just because she didn’t get what she wants.  We are not unreasonable parents.. but we don’t cultivate bad habits.. like buying things so they will keep quiet.  As much as possible.. we tell her she is not getting any toys.. and then there is no argument.

Now having said all that.. please remember never to buy your kid a toy before doing your grocery shopping .. because as soon as he/she gets her toy..  she would miraculously have knee injuries..  or tummy ache.  She wants to go home.. and play with her toys.  More later..

Char Kway Teow Prima Taste – Macy

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Finally I cooked the Char Kway Teow with Prima Taste paste from Macy from Vancouver.  I had appealed to the readers here to send me a box.. if they can.. and in March this year.. Macy not only sent Char Kway Teow Paste but others like Mee Goreng, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa Paste as well.  The Chicken Rice Paste already gone lah.. and the first one gone was Laksa of course.. but Char Kway Teow gotta have fish cake and chinese sausage. .and I didn’t wanna waste it .. so i had to have time to prepare the ingredients.

And today .. i finally managed to fry them up.. despite the fact that I donch have Kway teow nor hokkien mee.  But you know lah..  when you live overseas hor.. you have to make do.. so i used udon instead.  Although it didn’t turn out the way i wanted.. it was stlll pretty good.  Unfortunately hor.. this Prima Taste Char Kway Teow paste still lack of the oomppphhh.. we get back home.  But the Laksa.. and mee siam were incredible.   So for those who wants to try Char Kway Teow Paste from Prima Taste, you may  be a wee bit disappointed.. albeit the chilli was darn good.  I used prawns instead.. but I know.. i lack “Zhu you” .. maybe that was the reason why .. it didn’t taste like the ones back home.

I had used 2 eggs instead of 3 recommended.. because I didn’t wanna eat too much eggs.. but my wok was also small.. so the eggs got mixed in quicker than I wanted. But nevertheless, i enjoyed it tremendously .. !! thank you  – Macy..!!!  I’m forever grateful..!! and I have 2 more boxes of Char Kway Teow from Alice – who had sent 2 boxes of it.. to me.  I can’t wait to try it with other things.. the next time.

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