You see lah..!! even Chloe knows her auntie kaimah spends too much on her.  Today we received another package of dresses from Auntie Kai Mah, Lina.   Aiyoyo.. !! this Auntie Kai Mah ..!!!! you know what ang moh asked me.. .when we opened the package..???  He asked if we know each other before I came to Canada..  ???  you see lah.. !! you are so generous.. even he is very amazed by your generousity.. Lina..!! no more pressies ok.. promise promise..??!!!!???

Barb.. now i know how you feel.. hahahhahahaha!!!!!

Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist (too funny must watch)


  1. Lina

    Awwwww….i love the smile on Chloe Kai Lui in this video! This halter neck dress she’s putting on seems to fit her pretty nicely wor, sexy hor? 😛

  2. Tsuchiyama

    Mrs jan. I saw the video . your girl is so adorable. Mrs Lina, I like the dresses which you have bought for your kailui.My cousin said you are a great kaimah and she is way below wor.
    By the way, auntie kaimah refers to Mrs Lina? auntie Jo my cousin ? Or both are auntie kaimahs? I am confused. (laughing;;;)
    Comments by Joanna Lee

  3. Tsuchiyama

    Hey Lina. You are a great kai mah lah.Chloe looks so pretty in the dresses which you have chosen for her. Please do not bother with Joanna comments , she doesn`t know anything. Nobody is qualified to be Chloe official auntie kai mah except you lah. I really do not mind to be Chloe auntie . In fact,many fans of ICJ like Barb, Ms macy , Ms Alice , Yee jie etc had been sending food, gifts to Jan and Chloe. I was not the only one and I did not do much. All the aunties have better qualifications than me to be Chloe kai mah lah. (I know I am a sotong at all times but I am serious in this matter. Nobody can replace you. Lina)

  4. Mei

    Hahaha, Chloe is so funny. I have a few friends with kids – so I tend to buy toys and clothes for them whenever I see a sale or if I feel like it. So if I was a kai mah, I would be the same like Kai mah Lina and Jo!

  5. keen

    Chloe really “lum” kai mah Lina with her speech. She’s so happy wearing her new dress. Look so “sexy” leh!

  6. Frances

    Thank you for posting up the video, Chloe is so adorable, it is always make me smile when I watch her videos! thank you MB and thank you Lina for your quickly respond to my e-amail this morning.???!:)

  7. Frances

    Sorry for the *???* in my last comment, I copied and pasted in some Chinese characters but I guessed they did not appeared correctly, sorry! lol. 🙂

  8. Yvonne

    It’s so sweet that your little girl has so many people who loves her! Although i must say she is very adorable!

  9. samantha

    Hi auntie Kai Mah…. Chole is so lucky having you as her kai mah.. But, who wouldnt love a girl like chole,so sweet, so adorable.. she reminds me of my little niece..

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