I love a good hot dog.. but what do i consider as a good hot dog..??  I used to love the coney dogs back home.. and even better when I get it on Tuesdays.. because it was either cheaper.. or it had some kind of chilli on it.  In Canada.. the A&W donch know what a Coney dog is.. therefore.. it’s just plain hot dog.. with some tomato ketchup .. and relishes.. and mustard if you so choose to slap them on.

At $4 a piece of bun and a hot dog.. i donch think it is worth it.  I do get them once every 4 months or so .. when i do have a craving.. and refused to buy a whole bag of bun.. and a whole bag of hot dog.. because no one would eat them .. except me..  and i ain’t eating hot dogs for the rest of the week.. hahahhaha!!!  What about you ..?? where is your favorite and cheap hot dogs..??   And donch ask me to try Pink’s hot dog in LA..   it’s good.. but really too much hype for me.. i like the good food.. but not too much hoo haas.. about it.


  1. Tsuchiyama

    I never eat meat except seafood and vegetables since the age of 6. Frankly speaking , I do not know the taste of hotdog at all. But I remembered during my secondary days in Singapore, I used to go to A&W , the fast food store with root beer and curly french fries.

  2. Chef Cindy

    OMG HOT DOG is $ 4 dollar, In Costco hot dog is only $1.50 and it comes with a big cup of any kinda soda u like. Since u like hot dog come over to NYC I will just throw u BBQ party 🙂

  3. Frances

    Whenever I go shopping at Costco for groceries & supplies, I always grab a bite at their food counter and my favorite are their Polish hot dogs- they come with a soda drink for only $1.50 each, like Chef Cindy said! They are so yummy and so big! Such a good deal. It is nice to know that Costco charges the same price for their hot dogs here in the Pacific Northwest & in NYC!:)

  4. shirleyloo

    hmm… very exp leh… for me I only crave for 1901 hotdogs once a while oni; especially when out of time for movie, we will jz grab 1 n eat in the cinema hahaa

  5. Michele

    I agree with Cindy. The hot dogs at Costco are not bad and a great deal! Too bad they don’t have that in Asia.

    My favorite hot dog is the Chicago style one w/jalepeno peppers, mustard, relish, onions and tomatoes. SO YUMMY!! I was never a hot dog fan till I tried this kind.

  6. karen

    Chicago’s dog!!! aka salad dog. i like mine with relish, freshly chopped onions, sliced tomatoes, kosher pickle piled onto steamed poppy seed bun, and mustard, mustard ONLY. NO ketchup allowed in chicago style dog. I like Portillos. under $3 after tax. I used to don’t eat hot dog period, but I’ll eat Portillos’ now.

  7. Michele

    Karen, you and I are quite alike in the hot dog area. You described what I like despite liking to put ketchup on it. I know that’s a no no, but I still like it. I think I tried Portillos, can’t remember if it was good. Perhaps!

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