Finally I cooked the Char Kway Teow with Prima Taste paste from Macy from Vancouver.  I had appealed to the readers here to send me a box.. if they can.. and in March this year.. Macy not only sent Char Kway Teow Paste but others like Mee Goreng, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Laksa Paste as well.  The Chicken Rice Paste already gone lah.. and the first one gone was Laksa of course.. but Char Kway Teow gotta have fish cake and chinese sausage. .and I didn’t wanna waste it .. so i had to have time to prepare the ingredients.

And today .. i finally managed to fry them up.. despite the fact that I donch have Kway teow nor hokkien mee.  But you know lah..  when you live overseas hor.. you have to make do.. so i used udon instead.  Although it didn’t turn out the way i wanted.. it was stlll pretty good.  Unfortunately hor.. this Prima Taste Char Kway Teow paste still lack of the oomppphhh.. we get back home.  But the Laksa.. and mee siam were incredible.   So for those who wants to try Char Kway Teow Paste from Prima Taste, you may  be a wee bit disappointed.. albeit the chilli was darn good.  I used prawns instead.. but I know.. i lack “Zhu you” .. maybe that was the reason why .. it didn’t taste like the ones back home.

I had used 2 eggs instead of 3 recommended.. because I didn’t wanna eat too much eggs.. but my wok was also small.. so the eggs got mixed in quicker than I wanted. But nevertheless, i enjoyed it tremendously .. !! thank you  – Macy..!!!  I’m forever grateful..!! and I have 2 more boxes of Char Kway Teow from Alice – who had sent 2 boxes of it.. to me.  I can’t wait to try it with other things.. the next time.


  1. Margaret

    Hi Mamabok,

    I love those thick noodles. Can you tell me what kind of noodle you used for the char kway teow? Was it the yellow already cooked ones in a package or fresh ones? Thanks.

  2. Tsuchiyama

    I love char kway teow. Yummy.
    Jan, Ms Macy and Ms Alice were so kind to send you the char kway teow all the way from your hometown .

  3. Macy

    Anytime Jan! Let me know when you are about to finish those, and I will get you some more..Take care!

  4. snow

    lovely. at first I thought it was ‘lai fun’, then when I read on and saw udon, I smacked my head. Just realised, where to get ‘lai fun’ overseas…

  5. kokoro

    Hi MB

    The noodles looked pretty scrumptious to me! Char Kway Teow is one of my favourite Malaysian noodles dish. Thanks for sharing with us your views on the Prima Taste version of Char Kway Teow.

  6. Hi Mmabok, if you want more Prima Taste Laksa or Mee Siam paste, pls email me 🙂 Surprisingly, I can find it here in the lowland very easily!

  7. Lina

    I like this but try not to take it to often n even if i want to take it often, my son will remind me :- ‘mommy, it’s very oily n fattening’. Quickly apply brake and eat something else less oily/fattening 😛

  8. shirleyloo

    hhahaahhaaa… good son indeed Gerard; we often look around for sum1 who can remind us constantly about bad stuff but lucky u Lina, u found 1 😉 as for CKT, not so my fav loh coz like wat Gerard said – oily hehe!! 😉

    MB, I think all these improvision of yours could lead to a new menu for your future cafe eh 😉

  9. soofen

    oh haha… I thought this is Hokkien Mee by just looking at the pics itself… hmm… it looked delicious to me though and got me to miss all those food stalls back home…

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