So what did you have for lunch..??  did you have a salad like Katelynn did..?? i donch know if you all know what kind situation i am in.  I’m in a stubborn situation.. like i said.. i won’t eat anything that’s not worth eating.. why waste my calories right..?? if i wanted something green and healthy.. i prefer to lightly stir fry my broccoli with loads of garlic.. and very little oyster sauce.  I can’t eat this.. muahahahha!!!  yes.. it’s mustard on it… and it’s the normal way of eating salad here.


An ex-employee who wanted to go on a diet .. ordered a salad like that.. but drenched the whole bowl of salad with thousand island dressing..  and when i said drenched.. i meant .. really drenched..  !!!! and when i told her.. that she might as well have a slab of steak.. since it was healthier.. than what she had.. she was really annoyed with me… hahahahha!!!   But I guess i’m just stubborn.. but yet.. i put on weight like nobody’s business..!!! not fair..!!!

The Stew Of Life (Preview/Synopsis)

Sayang Sayang 2 Ep 5


  1. Tsuchiyama

    Hey Jan. Japanese research has proved that too much restrain will cause stress and fattness.Eat moderately eg :not the whole bowl of salad with thousand island dressing but half or quarter of it, eat regulary and excerise moderately are the best ways to maintain a healthy and fit body.

  2. shirleyloo

    I agreed with MB…if I ever order vege outside I will ask for ‘ching chow with garlic’ or caesar salad on the western side… will never be the way up in the pic loh (spoilt the taste of vege hehe)

    MB, try drink green tea if wanna lose weight.. i heard it helps on cholestrol n diabetes too…let me know if u r keen on ‘tea’ yeah.. Im actually thinking few stuff oredy .. will mail u in FB k?

  3. snow

    That amount of thousand island or mayo will probably kill you faster than eating meat. I find that lots of ppl who are dieting will order salad and then dreeched it in mayo. Kinda defeats the purpose issint it?

  4. Mei

    Heheh, that’s a lot of dressing for a person on a diet! Is that cheese in the salad too?!? You could dress salad with balsamic vinegar or Japanese rice vinegar and a light drizzle of olive oil. Vinegar has zero fat content!

  5. karen

    salads are overpriced and way too much dressing, which is the worst part for you. i don’t usually order salad when i eat out, but when i do, i always ask for dressing on the side.

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