I donch know about other parents.. and moms.. but i love getting chloe involved when i am cooking and doing stuff at home.  So when she wanted to help… Aunt Helena cook.. we let her else she would be asking ” but why can’t i help?  I’m a good cooker” .. hahah!! and a good thing Aunt Helena’s flooring are ceramic tile and not carpeted like some of my friend’s places.


What about you ..?? do you let your kids help you ..?? or did you help you mom..??? as for me.. my mom was too busy to let us mess around the kitchen.. wherelse.. i always keep myself in check.. and make sure i have time .. for being silly with Chloe.


A mandatory picture with the celebrity chef .. and the guest chef – aunt helena .. and chloe.


But truth be told ..  Aunt Helena did most of the cooking lah.. while i stir fried the minced beef.


After soaking the lasagna sheets .. Aunt Helena started doing her magic.


See chloe over there .. kaypohing still


Now the good stuff.. cottage cheese and shredded cheese


And there you have it .. Lasagna in 45 mins.


  1. Chef Cindy

    Awwwww that’s so kool, that Chloe is cooking with her aunt Helena. Tell Chloe she can always be my Chef..hahaha The lasagna look super good, yummy yummy

  2. Lina

    I LOVE Lasagna. I shall go Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore for lunch later after which i’ll skip dinner 😛
    Chloe is indeed very ‘Kwai Lui’, willing to help around in the kitchen. Mine? Mess around

  3. My daughter and I love baking cookies and make sweet breads together, we usually have a lot of fun figure out the recipes and enjoy our little treats together! :0)

  4. ilovetvb

    Chloe looks so beautiful in the red dress. It is great that she is willing to learn to cook. I am sure she will be a great chef one day. The lasagna looks amazing…makes me want to dig into it right now. I love Italian food. MB is so lucky! I have 2 boys. I’ll be lucky if they just clean up after themselves, forget about learning to cook.

  5. Michele

    This reminds me of when I was baking cookies from scratch w/my aunt when I was younger. These days, my cooking skills have improved. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing those pics w/us, MB. It makes lasagna look so easy to make, despite it may not be the case.

    How are you Chef Cindy? Remember me? You gave me the recipe for red velvet cake last time. Haven’t had a chance to make it yet, but will.

  6. Alice

    Lasagna is my son’s fav, he loves pasta. I find it too “rich”. We went to Modesto’s for din as he was craving for pasta, and it was really good. Use ur Citibank CC, and get a ten percent discount!

  7. Alice

    Pasta can be prepared the chinese way too. Brown some garlic in olive oil, throw it at least 3 types of fresh sliced mushrooms (portabello, brown and white button), and some sliced chillis, a little oyster sauce, and lastly the cooked pasta, stir fry still fragrant and finally garnish with some chopped coriander leaves (chinese celery). Healthy and yummy!

  8. snow

    Lovely lasagna. I used to help my mum around the kitchen too…Chopping garlic n vege, beating the eggs, mix the sauces while she cooks other dishes. I learnt how to cook by helping in the kitchen n looking at her cooking.

  9. shirleyloo

    yummy yummy!! looks good – tks to aunt helena for showing us how to do & MB of coz for uploading 😉 lil Chloe sure can learn more when grew up ..

  10. I love it when my two girls help me in the kitchen, but sometimes have to take deep breaths and grit my teeth when they make a mess for me to clean. But I believe it’s a great bonding opp for parents and children. Besides, it’s also teaching the kids a life-long skill.

  11. Hannah

    it looks sooo good! i made it once before without cottage cheese but i felt like it was missing something…def gonna try this..

  12. Mei

    I think I’m going to get a craving for lasagna soon! Aw.. Chloe is so happy here! Big chef, Little chef. Brings back memories of when I was young and watching my mum cook.

  13. kokoro

    Aunty Helena’s lasagna looked yummy! I’ve never added cottage cheese to my homemade lasagna. Will definitely try it. Chloe is a good little kitchen helper by the looks of it! Thanks for uploading these warm pictures, MB!

  14. kk

    This looks so yummy! I never thought to put cottage cheese in the lasagne, will definately need to try it out! Looks so healthy too, I like!

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