Sometime last week, good friend Barb and Kai Mah Jo were teasing Lina about Uncle Boomer on FB .. and when i was reading the messages to Chloe since she wanted to see what was going on.. as i was laughing .. Chloe got alarmed and started crying.  She said to me..  “DONCH SELL MY AUNTIE KAI MAH..!!!”

But i didn’t have time to take a video of that funny incident.. so here is another .. a few days later.. when i asked Chloe again about selling her Kai Mah.  Enjoy..!!! she is a funny kid eh.

Sayang Sayang 2 Ep 5


  1. Macy

    So cute..I couldn’t stop laughing.. Here that Kai Mah Jo and Auntie Barb, “don’t sell Auntie Kai Mah la”!!

  2. jen

    sucha cutie !! I bet Lina’s gonna go to Nova Scotia right now to visit her kai lui, Chloe now. hehe Right Lina??

  3. Lina

    Omg, she’s too cute! Jen, u’re right, how i wish i could fly over to NS right away. I will, one day but not now ok, Chloe n dont worry, Auntie Barb n Kai Mah Jo will never wanna sell Auntie Kai Mah Lina to Uncle Boomer coz they love me too muchie…… 😛

  4. Tsuchiyama

    hhahhahahhha. she is such a dear. Don`t worry Chloe . that was just a joke we will never do that because we love Lina Kai Mah too.

  5. Frances

    I hope Kai Mai Lina will get a chance to meet your cutie Kai Lui Chloe soon, i sure you guys will have a wonderful time to bond and enjoy! 🙂

  6. shirleyloo

    hahaha…cute lil Chloe, she really can talk eh 😉 dun worry lil one, nobody is selling your Auntie Kaima, she couldnt even wait to meet up with u ;-D!!

  7. keen

    Lina, I am sure you must be very “lum” after watching Chloe on this video. She is so adorable. Hope you can find time to visit her soon.

    Chloe, no one is going to sell your Kai Mah. Like you, we all love her too. Right Lina?

  8. Lina

    I’m so touched ladies, didnt know i’m so ‘precious’, ‘priceless’. ‘unique’, ‘love’ here wor 😛 Thank u thank u!

    CY, u’re right, ‘lum’ me till few nights cannot sleep already….LOL

  9. kokoro

    Ho..Ho..Ho…that’s so cute! MB, your little Chloe is simply so adorable! The last few minutes of that video were the best! Love Chloe’s flying kiss and ‘good-byes’. Her expression was priceless! What a little angel she is!

    Kai Ma…you’re a gem! Definitely not for sale!

  10. fiona

    ah that’s so cute! my son was watching and he said it’s illegal to sell someone, LOL. Lina you’re safe.

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