We had some friends who are moving away to Alberta in 2 weeks visit us today at the store.  I knew we wouldn’t be seeing them for a long time after today.. so i dragged “ang moh” out with us .. for a cuppa and some desserts at Old World Bakery just up the street from us.  Of course, the children came with us.

foodThe Old World Bakery had been in business for a few years now.. and I see they have quite a few new food.  These are fresh sardines .. are not from here locally though.  But they do look awfully yummy..!! gonna try this sometime soon.


Fresh tuna for your sandwiches.. really very tempting.. but i just had my lunch – bummer..!


My favorite Baklava .. even though i can’t eat it.. as I am diabetic.. but i bought it.. because everyone needs a treat .. once in a while.  By the way the owners of Old World Bakery is from Greece.  So they do make authentic desserts and cakes.


Corn Bread Muffin..!!! woohooo..!! my favorite.. i used to eat them.. at Tony Roma’s back home. You know .. what i’m having for tea tomorrow eh.. hahhaha!!


This is Cara, having her cookie like a good gal.  She is younger than Chloe … but you can see she is well-behaved and not once she whined.


I donch know what is this.. but they sure looked good eh.


Our friend had this.. and “ang moh” had a cinnamon roll while the rest of the kids had cookies.  Chloe had a strawberry and orange shortbread cookie.. but she took one bite.. and said she didn’t like it.


Chloe and her friend, Cara – you all should see Anika.. she is so super cute..  🙂  It’s too bad they are leaving town.. but the move was planned.. her father is in the airforce… and her mom is like a supermom.. young and capable – hard to find around this town.  I complained that all the good ppl are moving outta town.. *sigh*  But good luck and all the best to them.. of course.


  1. Jennifer

    Talking about moving, I just moved to NC recently. So much hassle. I just hate moving. And having to learn new roads is a pain…

  2. Frances

    The Baklava pastries look so good next to the cinnamon rolls, hard to choose which one to eat,I love them both! 🙂

  3. soofen

    aww~~~i just love the last pics of Chloe and Cara… they are soooo cute and shy smiling at the camera…
    While I will order fresh tuna as well at the bakery store as I have never had fresh tuna with sandwich before… all canned, what a shame

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