There is a new food place in town .. and of course .. loving food.. and healthy food.. i wanted to go try it out immediately.  So off the “ang moh” and i went to check it out.  This place used to be a pizza place.. but is now a pita place.. with a new owner and all.  Shabby looking from the outside.. but the interior looks good.. as they’ve just renovated the inside.


The eatery is currently sparsely furnished.. but that’s to be expected.. afterall they are new.  I know they would do more .. once they have settled in.


We went at about 2pm.. so there was only one table occupied.


I had the steak and cheese pita.. with a little of everything .. from mushroom to pineapple, onions, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes.. and some bbq sauce.  The food was not bad at all.. but the meat was very little..  not like i miss them.. but it would be nice to get a bit more since it was like $8.50 after tax and i donch remember seeing any cheese in my pita at all.  What a bummer eh.


The “ang moh” had chicken ceasar .. with vegies, cheese and a little mayo.  His was a wee bit cheaper at $7.50 after taxes – but definitely more chicken strips would be good.


The owner was the one who served us.. and they had a little hot plate to heat up the meat that came from the kitchen.  He had his gloves on .. when he went to the back and closed the door behind him.. and came back and did the food with the same gloves – hahahahha!!  but i’m pleased to report we didn’t get diarrhea .. hahahahha!!!  the owner didn’t say much to us.. and it would have been nice.. if he did.  You know in the food industry.. it’s important.. to chat with your customers.. and build a repertoire with them.

pita2Overall verdict ..???  it’s was pretty good.. i had a good meal.. but definitely wouldn’t be able to afford it everyday … much less the kids at $18 for both of us.. just for pita and no drinks or any other thing.   But i do wish them to stay .. and make good.


The menu


  1. Michele

    Your steak and mushroom pita looks yummy!! Too bad it’s so $$!! They need to lower the price at a time like this or include fries and a drink in the price.

  2. snow

    That is so expensive. FOr the price the charged, you could have get more at other places, i presume?

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