Remember the box of food from Singapore from Alice in April..?? yes.. ! Alice from Singapore sent it.  But I am treating all my treats with special care.. and eating them sparingly.  I opened the 2nd can of Pork Floss from Alice last week.. and only eating them very slowly..  because they are too awesome lah..!!   I haven’t had pork floss for so long.. you wouldn’t even believe me.  But this was so good.. and I opened it at the right time too.. because I was missing home again.

Yes.. they were still in their original wrapping.. tucked away safely in my pantry..  🙂  And no one shares them with me.. so i can really take my time to eat them..  🙂  talking of which.. i should cook some congee soon.. and eat them with this yummy pork floss..  🙂  Thanks again.. Alice..!!  you are my angel..!


  1. uncle

    @macy, this item not only look good, it really taste good ^^ eat with white chok, er ..I mean congee it is a wow factor. I am going out now to get one myself hehehe bye…

  2. keen

    I love to eat pork floss too. It goes well with plain porridge. I used to make sandwich for my kids to bring along to school when they were young.

  3. Tsuchiyama

    I like the fish floss too.Jan, you are so blessed to have so many nice kind friends in Singapore .

  4. msc

    i haven’t read your blog in a long time. but, wanna say that i recently got this pork floss from a friend who traveled to Singapore too. it was delicious with congee!! yum yum!!

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