We have our yearly Shark Scramble last week here in our town.  For those who are not aware of this, we are a fishing town here and one donch need no medical exam life insurance to be a fishermen here. Yes..! and everyone wants to be a fishermen .. because you only work so many months.. and then one can go on unemployment for at least half a year just doing nothing.. or some would work under the table.

So if you are wondering why your bowl of shark’s fin are so expensive.. you can see that the shark has very small fins, so you ain’t gonna go very far killing one shark.  Anyhow.. the shark scramble is where ppl who are interested in going out into the sea and catching the biggest shark.  This year.. i think the winner of Shark Fest came back with a 300 and something pound.

I haven’t eaten Shark’s Fin for the last 9 yrs.. and boy …!! do i missed it.. but every year i’m reminded.. how cruel .. these sharks are sometimes killed.. and that makes me wanna eat them less and less.  What about you ..??

Every year.. they have students from the fishery dept .. taking some statistic about the sharks.. measuring their teeth.. and cutting out their tummy to see what they had eaten.. and stuff.. you know.. the yakkie stuff.

These sharks are so small.. they are not even worth weighing in.. you can see that this is one of the boats that went out .. a few days ago.. for the contest.  What does one win..?? during the Shark Scramble..?? I think the first prize is $5000 and 2nd prize is $2500 and the 3rd prize is $1000.


  1. snow

    My friends who works as a chef says that most restaurants soak the shark fins in oil to that they will expand. Eating shark fins is not only cruel but also akin to taking in bowls of oil at 1 go

  2. Lina

    It’s indeed very cruel. I love sharks fin soup previously n still do but just simply dont have the heart to place order for this dish whenever we’re out for dining

  3. Tsuchiyama

    Japan is an island and fish, seafood etc had became a part of our eating culture. Every countries, every races have their own eating habits. so eating sharks was just a nature course and habits in humans.

  4. keen

    Sharks fins soup in crab meat used to be my family’s favourite dish, but not anymore. Instead it had been replaced by the vegetarian type. It taste almost the same.

  5. fiona

    such cruelty to shark. Unfortunately, when there’s demand people will do anything to supply the demand. Shark fin soup is mine favorite also.

  6. ilovetvb

    It may be hard to believe, but I actually prefer to eat the “woon zai chi” from the street hawkers in Hong Kong. A little bowl of fake shark fin soup is delicious. It is yummy. I really missed that! So you don’t have to be so cruel to kill the sharks to get a good bowl of soup.

  7. shirleyloo

    really cruel lah…I’ve stop eating shark’s fin since the last time I saw the adv by WWF about saving animals n planet …

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