So it was the weekend.. and usually during the weekend.. we are busier.. and this weekend.. it was worst.. because we had company from outta town.. and then we also had the storm that came thru’ Nova Scotia.  It did hit us.. although not hard enough to weep about it .. we’ve seen worst.

So it was kinda cold..  and soup was due since we haven’t had any for a long time.  I also made red bean soup with sago and white nut .. for our outta town guests.. . and pretended i was the best chef.. muahhahaha!!!  I need to put more ginger in my hum choy tofu soup the next time.. and more red beans in my red bean soup.   So how did your weekend go..??



  1. Frances

    Hi Mb, your pot of soup looks so healthy and delicious. I haven’t cook any soup lately in the house because the weather is still very hot and humid here in Oregon. We cook simple dishes that required less time prepared in the kitchen and quick meals! 🙂

  2. soofen

    My weekends just gone by tidying and cleaning… Got me some time to rest and watch movies, then eat something simple like instant noodles to save money for my own studies… tired but life must go on…
    By the way, MB remind me that I can cook red bean soup to eat for the whole day too… thanks

  3. kk

    I love soup, makes my face feel hydrated My mum has been overseas helping my sister out with a complicated birth for over 3 months now… cant wait for her to come home and taste soup once again 🙂

  4. Michele

    Ooh, your soup and dessert sounds so good. I think I’m going to find the recipe or make red bean dessert soon. Green bean is good too! I like to eat it cold. 🙂

  5. Tyler

    Looks good! And healthy! Fall is approach and its going to be that time of year where root vegetables will be harvested. Can’t wait till I can pick up zucchinis and squashes to make soup with! =)

  6. keen

    I love to make this soup for my children during my working days. It is easy to prepare. I add some chicken meat in as well. Nice to eat with rice.

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