A trip to the supermarket with the brat usually entails quite a few scenario.   It’s not always bad.. but you see .. the “ang moh” sometimes forgets that the brat is a kid..  and a 5.5 yrs old at that.  He forgets that kids whine and gets bored easily too.   Sometimes she wants to sit on the shopping cart .. and not want to walk. .and at other times.. she insist on going into a cart like that.. and pretends she is driving.  It’s alright if she stays inside these cart.. but of course, you can’t really expect that right..?

Mostly, she has a lot of questions to asked.. and also a lot of things she wants to touch as well.  At other times, she would cooperate and post for the camera.   Despite all her brattiness.. you can be sure.. that you will never hear my  brat roll on the floor and stamp on stuff.. or break someone things.. just because she didn’t get what she wants.  We are not unreasonable parents.. but we don’t cultivate bad habits.. like buying things so they will keep quiet.  As much as possible.. we tell her she is not getting any toys.. and then there is no argument.

Now having said all that.. please remember never to buy your kid a toy before doing your grocery shopping .. because as soon as he/she gets her toy..  she would miraculously have knee injuries..  or tummy ache.  She wants to go home.. and play with her toys.  More later..


  1. Tsuchiyama

    Oh my little chloe looks so natural and pretty on this pisc.
    Chloe is not only pretty, I can see she is a sensible , well brought up girl too . You did a very good job , Jan.

  2. How true…esp the bit about the buying a toy before grocery shopping. Incidentally, my girls love grocery shopping. But they also like sitting in the ‘car’ attached to the trolley, something we don’t have here. They only ride in them when we visit my sis in Portland, OR.

  3. kokoro

    Hi MB

    You’re a very sensible mother not to give into the whims and fancies of your lovely little girl. I agree whole-heartedly with you with regards to buying things to keep the kiddies quiet at the supermarket. Yes, as parents we need to put our foot down when it comes to certain things and instilling good behaviour in the young ones under our care is one of them. Little Chloe looked absolutely adorable in both pics! She is growing up very fast before my very eyes!

  4. Lina

    Keep up the good job Jan. There’ll be a day Chloe will come to u, thanking u for all the hard work n love showered on her. Trust me! 😉

  5. shirleyloo

    yes agreed with Lina TOTALLY!!!… but hor, I wished I could be like MB – strict with the kid style; for me the more I tak layan him the more he will throw tantrum, until the whole supermarket’s attention is on him!! haiz.. I think maybe girls r more well-behaved after all eh??

  6. fiona

    MB you’re good and won’t give in when she whines. Chloe is so natural in front of the camera 😀

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