When you don’t know what to eat anymore..  what do you eat..?? Junke food..!!! what about you ..?? how often do you eat junke food..??  Two day during the week.. i ate home made sphagetties.. and another day.. i had wanton soup and egg rolls.   And another day .. i had home cooked rice .. … [Read more…]

Lobster For Supper

The ang moh had gotten a call on his cell phone at 10pm the other nite.. and guess who was calling..?? it was Mr Zhu.. from the Chinese restaurant!! muahhahaha!!! he couldn’t locate our house.. so he wanted ang moh to go outside the house to wait for him… muahahahha!!!  He came over to deliver … [Read more…]

Gigantic Grapes

You all know i love fruits.. i rather eat fruits than chocolates or cakes .. so when we ran outta fruits – the ang moh rushed out to get some .. and i was truly surprised at the size of the grapes.. it was huge..!!  They didn’t taste like the ones I had when i … [Read more…]

Breakfast @ Tim Hortons

The ang moh was getting some work done  this morning for his buddy and since i didn’t get any breakfast this morning.. because I didn’t get much sleep last nite .. and decided to sleep in .. after returning from sending Chloe to school.  I don’t usually eat Tim Hortons breakfast .. because it is very … [Read more…]

My Weekend

So how was everyone’s weekend..??  well.. it started off pretty good.. with a surprise visit from Godma Lynn who was in town from her business trip in Moncton .. she drove all the way up to Yarmouth .. to visit us.. for half hour. Afterwhich, I went to New Century Restaurant to try and take … [Read more…]

Curry Chicken

So I cooked curry chicken last nite .. because i was really, really dying for it and how to resist…. since I received a packet of ready paste from Charmaine in Australia.   I know the coconut must not be good for my diet.. but truth be told.. i could eat it everyday.. and drink curry … [Read more…]

Nanaimo Bars

The Nanaimo Bars were bought by the “ang moh” ..  did you really think .. you would catch me eating this..??  no way.. hahahha!!!  i’m not against ppl eating it.. and indulging.. but the “ang moh” loves his desserts and his junk food. If not junk .. he wouldn’t even eat them – but having … [Read more…]