Kate .. the brat’s babysitter promised to make muffins with her.. if she is good in school on Friday.. so yesterday.. they went home.. and after dinner.. they made some muffins.   Of course, we forgot we didn’t have any muffin bake ware .. so they made do .. with baking in a pyrex dish instead.  So you have this .. weird shape muffins.. hahahahha!! with chocolate frosting of course..!


But the kid also had other ideas.. and wanted to bake a cake too.. but of course there was no cake mix or anything.. so instead.. they used the muffin mix.. and made this.  Hahahah!! but that’s ok..  it was fun for her.. and fun for us when we came home to a house smelling of baked goodies.  Do you bake with your kids..?? or grandkids..??  i hope to be able to have more time to spend baking with Chloe as she grows older.

I remember my grandaunt’s kitchen.. that was always filled with cooking ingredients..and rempah.. and she was always baking something.  Unfortunately, at our home, my mom doesn’t bake anything except making pineapple tarts during chinese new year and we weren’t allowed to help.. because she was selling them – everything had to be perfect – else she would get really upset.. because she had to do it again.  I never learned how to make pineapple tarts.. because my mom said it was too back breaking.. and by the time she retired.. she was too old to make them.. she said. *sigh*.  So yes..  i don`t want Chloe to grow up without knowing the joy of baking and cooking in the kitchen with her mom and dad.


  1. Mei

    Wow, that’s a big muffin-cake, hahahah. It looks cool with the jelly-bears! Baking is rarely enjoyed in our house. I don’t think my mum trusts our oven coz it’s so old. But we used to bake fairy cakes and cheese biscuits, cakes and bread. 🙂

  2. Lina

    1st pix looks yummy & pretty, 2nd pix looks even more YUMMY & PRETTIER coz it’s by Chloe 😛 Bias huh? hahahaha

  3. Tsuchiyama

    I think it would be fun and a very good experience to cook and bake with your old child. I never had the experience like what Chloe had before. The cake , muffins made by Chloe was very creative and pretty. hahhah. no choice ,I am a very biased judge too.

  4. Nice to come home to freshly baked muffins. Baking with kids are fun.. if you look pass the messy kitchen… 🙂 They love to measure, mix and sift.

  5. kk

    I think this is great! I tried cooking cupcakes with my nephew but he lost patience and kept trying to open the oven door hahaha girls are much better hahaha

  6. keen

    These muffins sure taste yummy. Chloe is so creative at such a young age she deserves full marks from me!

  7. shirleyloo

    hmm..looks like lil Chloe understand the meaning of improvision as well eh?? cool!!! I so love to bake oso but dun have an oven yet ;-( my mom didnt bake as well coz typical chinese woman lah (only loves her woks & pots hehe)…

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