When i say that this blog is about friendship .. i’m so not kidding.   Yesterday, at dinner – the ang moh sent me a msn message telling me that Mr Zhu was on his way over to our house.  I went like .. huh..?? but why..?? he said.. prolly sending you some lobsters.. muahahhaha!!!

Well .. i thought it was lobsters too.. but when i had it for supper.. i realised.. that it couldn’t be lobsters.. because it had so many tiny legs.. muahahahha!! they were crabs.. !!!! and just as good.. and yummy.. and fresh..and the meat just fell off the shell.. and they were all nicely chopped up and all.

I cannot thank everyone enough.. for the friendship here and also online – we’ve received so many gesture of kindness – we are so blessed.


  1. Pandora

    yummy.. i love crabs especially king crabs, but not a big fan of lobster.

    you’re so lucky to have Mr Zhu around making all these yummy food for you.

  2. jen

    I think it is lobster, mamabok. When we order it at chinese restaurants, the lobster has tiny skinny legs and they’re all red/orange like that. But delicious looking nonetheless!

  3. mona p.

    yes, i agree with Jen as well. they are lobster!!! every wedding I went to serve Lobster (kind of experienced =*P). So I am very sure they are Lobster.

  4. Rachel

    Woahhh…. makes my mouth water this one, mum and dad use to take us (me and bro) to a place called Fatty Crab and they are simply the best crabs in the world, cooked in a special but secret sauce. It must have been 20 years ago since dad first took us there, the business is still in operation and I am dying to have a taste again, hopefully soon since I live in UK now.

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