Don’t you just envy people who are good with their hands? whether it is with baking or making cupcakes or knitting or sewing and making custom made jewelry – don’t you just want to be them sometimes?  Yes! i just love this people and certainly admire them for their hard work, their creativity and their endless love for what they do.


We attended a birthday party during the weekend.. of a friend’s kids .. and his sister – custom made these cakes for the birthday boy and gal.  The cake was really good .. according to ang moh – better than the ones we get at the local grocery store.  And look at the design of this monster truck – she did it without any mold pan just with her creativity .. and a lot of hard work and hours spent.


Very talented is this wonderful aunt of our friend’s kids – Crystal.  She does it as a hobby but if you like, you can order it from her.. i’m sure she will be happy to take some orders.  Not expensive too..!! that’s the best part of it – you know where Chloe will be getting her birthday cake from now on.  I’m also thinking of one for ang moh during his birthday.. a very funny cake – like a “grouchy old man” . .muahahahhaha!!!   with the writing “happy birthday, old fart!” .. muahahahaha!!!


  1. shirleyloo

    cheeky u MB.. sure ur ang moh laugh till cant stop when c the cake later!! real nice n pretty the cakes all..sure taste great too!!

  2. kokoro

    That’s a great idea for a birthday cake for your ‘ang moh’, MB! I really like it and can’t wait to see this cake!

  3. Mei

    Caaaakkkkkeee!! Yay!! Your friend is indeed very talented. Did she use cream or icing? Those wheels on the truck look amazing too!

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