How many of us can afford to eat Macdonald’s breakfast everyday ..?? not in terms of money.. i meant in terms of health.. and in terms of the extra pounds .. that comes with it.. hahahah!!  Indulging is good.. once in a bit .. afterall, one has gotta treat oneself right..??  so yes..  i haven’t had Macdonald’s big breakfast .. for many months now.. so we got up early on Saturday.. and went for some.


Happy, happy i ate my macdonald’s big breakfast.. even the eggs were moist. .and good..  but .. half way thru’ the breakfast.. chloe said.. she didn’t feel good.  So how to enjoy right..??  so i quickly finished up.. and went to be with her.. the rest of the day.  Well, the rest is in the next post.  So we’ll try again .. next week… there’s always next week.


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