The ang moh had gotten a call on his cell phone at 10pm the other nite.. and guess who was calling..?? it was Mr Zhu.. from the Chinese restaurant!! muahhahaha!!! he couldn’t locate our house.. so he wanted ang moh to go outside the house to wait for him… muahahahha!!!  He came over to deliver some lobsters to us.. for supper..!! and duck…!!  *slap forehead* ..! this Mr Zhu is darn nice lah..!! what can i say right..??  first give me “ang pow” for helping out with  his wife’s delivery.. and now food.. and more food.  Such nice ppl .. how can not be nice back right..??  There were 2 lobsters in there.. and a whole duck – you know who isn’t cooking for the next few days lah.  I better not let my insurance guy know i’m eating so rich.. hahahah!! else my life insurance rate might just go up.


  1. Devon

    LOL, it’s always make me laugh whenever you refer to your hubby as “ang moh. Almost a year ago, we had our baby, so I understand Mr Zhu’s appreciation for your work. And yum, lobster and duck.

  2. shirleyloo

    wah..so gud ah this Mr Zhu … really can become true frens such ppl… worth our helps & efforts eh 😉 MB really ‘yau hau fook’…

  3. kokoro

    Mr Zhu is indeed a very generous and nice man but as the saying goes, it takes two to tango so MB, you must be just as generous and nice yourself too for Mr Zhu to bring over this box of scrumptious goodies! We all know how kind and generous you are to all your friends and ppl out there so I think you deserve such good treatment from Mr Zhu!

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