When you don’t know what to eat anymore..  what do you eat..?? Junke food..!!! what about you ..?? how often do you eat junke food..??  Two day during the week.. i ate home made sphagetties.. and another day.. i had wanton soup and egg rolls.   And another day .. i had home cooked rice .. and leftovers – and then I had home cooked noodles .. one day.  And baked fish another day.. with a little noodles.  Another day ..i had a sandwich from Tim Hortons. There really isn’t much choice .. of food .. to cook or buy that would keep me very healthy.. but I try very hard .. to either cook .. or eat healthy .. even when i am eating out. So finally i broke down yesterday.. and had a baked potato from Wendy’s.  Not the best.. but it was a meal.


So what did the ang moh eat..?? of course Wendy’s burger lah..!!!  he eats them like 3 times a week..  not really because he likes them… but because .. it’s the easiest.. and the thing he can stomach.  But i never liked them..  so he can eat all his want.. and i won’t really stop him.


Look at what is inside.. !!! eeeewwwkkkk..!!!  the mayo..!!!!! eeeewwwkkkk..!!!


  1. ilovetvb

    My boys love Wendys. I think for a fast food restaurant – Wendy has “healthier” food than McDonalds or Burger King. We love their Caesar Salad and Bake Potatoes with sour cream and chives. Of course, we have it only once in a while.

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