Just when we thought that Auntie Kai Mah had already outdid even herself – we received another package of clothings from Sophie’s Style a few weeks ago.  And not just one or two pieces.. we have 6 or 7 pieces of mix and match.. and this lovely winter coat .. in preparation for our harsh winter here in Canada.


Look at all these gorgeous pieces of clothings.. for Chloe..!!  Lina..! Lina..!! Lina..!!!!!  the “ang moh”  is definitely in awe .. and don’t know what to say .. about your kindness.. !! he said.. he had never seen someone as generous as you.  What are we gonna do to repay you for your kindness .. he said.


More clothings..!!! you all tell me lah..!! who can beat .. Auntie Kai Mah..??!!!??


A pretty suit dress that chloe just loved.. so much.. she wore this for her photo taking for school.


A cardigan.. and a skirt

The ang moh was so overwhelmed.. that when i was chatting with Lina .. about Chloe’s carpet for the store.. he said this to me..  “better not tell Lina about the carpet.. else it would be coming in the mail!” .. muahahhahahahahah!!!  Thank you so much .. Lina.. ! you are way too kind.. and too generous..!!!  nothing we can do .. or send you .. can repay you for your love, your generosity .. your thoughtfulness..and your priceless friendship.


  1. Tsuchiyama

    Lina is a great kai mah and a great friend.She is a woman of many virtues. To me, she is a great friend .Or I should say I regard her as my buddy. Jan,I think both your family and Lina`s family are blessed .You guys knew each other on the blog and the friendship and bond between both the families grow stronge as time goes go. I think FATE brought you guys together and of course the bond too. I am happy for you ladies, so treasure the FATE and I want to wish you all an everlasting friendship.

  2. kate

    Lucky Chloe. I wish i have someone who bought me all these nice clothes when i was young. Take lots of pics and share with us la. =)

  3. jen

    lina is just so generous! its all about the love mb =) hope everythings going well with you and your family!! take care


  4. Kai Mah Lina’s love for Chloe is out of this world…The outfits are so bright and colorful. I especially like the leopard winter jacket coat. MB,thank you for sharing all the photos with us, I love it! 🙂

  5. Macy

    I love the outfits, especially the coat. Very stylish.. She will be the best dressed girl in the town of Yarmouth.. Lina Kai Mah you are one of a kind!

  6. kokoro

    Love all of Chloe’s latest outfits from her ever-generous ‘Kai Mah’. Brilliant selection, Lina! You’re an awesome lady! Chloe is one lucky gal indeed!

  7. Alice Kwek

    Wow, the dresses are simply pretty and Chloe will definitely look like a little beautiful princess in those clothes, such lovely pastel colors!

  8. shirleyloo

    kai mah Lina, so sweet of u 😉 lil Chloe truly blessed to have such a thoughtful kaimah … but then hor 1 more thing leh…lucky Lina u didnt stay same country with MB; if not i think lil Chloe everyday spoilt by ur LOVE hehe…. but I agreed with Jo lah, all these are fated …

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