So what did you have for breakfast..??  I try to eat oatmeal at least twice a week – not because i like it.. it’s because i have diabetes.. and therefore .. oatmeals are supposedly to be good.  And even better when you add a dash or some cinnamon powder.  My doctor had said .. that he didn’t think cinnamon was gonna help.. but i guess if some ppl did try it..  and have diabetes.. whats the harm of eating eh..?? i do have some raisins in them – usually i don’t put so much… but this morning was in a hurry.  So tell me.. what you had for breakfast.  Leave a comment for password.


  1. snow

    A mug of oats + honey + muesli and 2 slices of bread. I heard cinnamon powder can help blood circulation and reduce wind

  2. crazyme

    I think oats meal is very good for health as well. But I’ll have usally at night in stead of morning. Especially when I feel to have some thing not too heavy or too light. A cup of hot oats meal will make me have a nice sleep and will not hungry for the whole night.

    Thanks for your good job to others. I like the stew of life show, I missed the episode 6 until now. Can I have the password for these drama, thanks!

  3. I had an Activia strawberry flavored shake LOL. They’re pretty good and good way to curb hunger, if you can’t eat an actual meal at that moment.

    I never knew that oatmeal was good for diabetes, thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to tell a few members of my family that have diabetes as well.

    However I have heard that cinnamon is supposedly good for diabetes.

  4. Yvonne

    This is going to be bad but I’ve been skipping breakfast for so many years. I would rather sleep an extra 20 mins than wake up to make breakfast. I’m trying harder this year though with cereal but the cold milk doesn’t really feel right in the morning…. sighs any suggestions for easy painless breakfast?

  5. kokoro

    MB, I had a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries this morning. Actually this is my breakfast every day of the working week. Blueberries are full of antioxidants so they must be good for our health. I do enjoy my bowl of oatmeal every morning.

  6. soofen

    a good question~still try to remember what I had this morning! gosh, my short memories problem is getting worse~ 🙁

    6 minutes passed —> OH YEA I had Cheese and Onion Pie (suitable for vegetarian)~ I used to have oatmeal for my breakfast everyday.

  7. Michele

    I’m having oatmeal as we speak. I only add sugar to it and nothing else. It seems my cholesterol is borderline so I figured this would help.

  8. Pandora

    I love oatmeal 🙂

    This is what I eat for eat for breakfast – congee, sticky rice, cereal, toast, or yogurt.

  9. fiona

    Oatmeal is good for you and healthy, but unfortunately I don’t like them.
    I usually have bagel or cereal or sometimes french toast or sometimes even skips breakfast(not the best idea).

  10. jen

    i had some left over “nao lam” this morning- chinese beef stew (?). healthy i know but someone has to finish it x)

  11. ilovetvb

    I luv oatmeal, but only have time to make it on weekends. I make it with a little bit of brown sugar and an egg. It is so healthy for you.

  12. Jenn

    i am not a big fan of oatmeal but try to have it for health’s sake. i hate sweet ones however and would prefer savoury oatmeal. still trying to find more ways to dish our savoury ones but on lazy days, i’d just stir in some marmite

  13. Rachel

    I love oatmeal breakfast, grandma use to cook it for me when I was young, whenever I feel under the weather. She makes it really diluted, like 2 tablespoons with 1 bowl of water and a little sugar, rapid boiled for 10 mins. Mum continue that with us and now I do this for myself and hubby! I mix oats with MILO too, so it’s thick and creamy when it settles. Once I was too hungry in the office and I really can’t be bothered to go out for food, I whacked in 2 tablespoons full of oats diluted with a little hot water and pour a can of tuna mayonnaise in it. It was alright on the first few feedings, but after that, I started feeling sick and threw it away! My colleagues thought I was mad.

  14. samantha

    Its true oatmeal was never my favourite but it is good for our health… I normally cook it with chicken or fried ikan bilis and it actually taste good. At times i have wholemean bread and a glass of vege/fruit juice. (extract of celery, cucumber, carrot, peria (fugua)and apple)and it taste not too bad once you have got used to it.

    To Jean.. try cook your oatmeal with chicken breast soup and your favourite vegetables, its good.

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