Sometime in March this year, a reader from this blog .. by the name of Jerry had a special request – he wanted to know where he can get some Cherry Blossom Kit Kat for party favors for his up and coming wedding in September.   I’m pleased to inform you .. that a few days ago, I received an email from Jerry with his wedding pictures..   his wedding was in September 20th.  Like i said before.. this blog is not only about food..  but more about friendship.. and as you all can see.. it goes a long way..  🙂 Congratulations to Jerry & his wife – Ada..  they make such a beautiful couple.  Here are some pictures.. that I had taken from Renee Broughton Photography Blog – I’m pretty sure you will all enjoy it.. and join me.. in congratulating the perfect couple.  Julie from Hawaii would love this too.. she is having her wedding in October.


Beautiful Bride, Ada



Lovely couple



Awwww… so sweet…!!!


Another very sweet picture


Romantic or what..!


Cute posing !




Reception decoration


A perfect wedding..!!


  1. Lina

    I’m very priviledge to see the above pics before Mb put up this post coz Jerry emailed me ….kekekeke. Very beautiful indeed! 😛

  2. soofen

    Aww~I love everything for the wedding! Congratulations from me to Jerry and Ada too! like the reception decoration!

  3. Mei

    Uncle – read back to MB’s blog to the beginning of the year (if I remember correctly). Your question marks will be answered.

  4. ilovetvb

    I love weddings! Congrats to Jerry & Ada! Beautiful pictures…luv the wedding dress and the beautiful cake.

  5. Jerry

    Thank you everybody for the wonderful comments. I’ll provide the complete wedding album once it is available (est. mid-October). Thanks again.

  6. Mei

    Uncle – heheh, I realised when I was at work that you was writing in Chinese, and I can’t see what you had wrote. Google translator cannot help here I’m afraid! 🙂

  7. karen

    Congratulations to the new couple! The wedding looks beautiful~
    Seeing the pictures made me want to get married all over again…to the same man of course 🙂

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