So what did you have for lunch today..??  We went to look at some  rv towing first and then had steamed herbal chicken with rice…  but with steamed chicken, we all know it is best to cook and them eat immediately right..?? so i can’t cooked it the night before.. and wait for it to cool .. and then bring it out in the morning.. and get them ready for chloe at 8am in the morning to bring to school.  So i opted to do all the prep work the night before..and then at 8am started steaming it for 2 hours… and after it was done, i put everything into a thermos for chloe. We  sent her lunch box to school before going to our store to open for business – since they cannot have a microwave in the school – building too old –  even when we offered to donate one.

The herbal paste was sent all the way from Malaysia.. from good friend .. Barb, they were from last year during my operation remember..??  Yes.. i still have some left..  used sparingly.. because precious mah.  Anyhow, yesterday – chloe came home to say that her teacher wanted her to open her own thermos for lunch and didn’t help her – she finally got it opened.. by another teacher.  We also noticed that she doesn’t eat much during lunch and already we didn’t give her a lot of food .. knowing how slow she eats.  Anyhow, we wrote a note to the teacher last nite but there was no return note today, so we’ll see what happens next.  Yes, I can understand they wanna foster independence on the kids, but she is afterall only 5.5 yrs old .. barely 6 years old yet. *sigh* .. sometimes.. i think they expect way too much.


  1. Macy

    Looks very yummy. I bet it tastes really good.

    On a different note: Who is the “old fart” that keeps copying you? Is it who I think it is?The nerve!

  2. ilovetvb

    The steam chicken looks delicious. Can you give me the recipe for it? What kind of herbal paste do you use? I would love to try and make it.

    I understand that teachers can be so demanding sometimes. They should ask her to try to open it, but if she can’t do it they should really help her. The heat from the thermos can make it difficult for a child to open.

  3. snow

    The chicken looks yummy. Erm…maybe Chloe can practice using the thermos during weekends with adult supervision so that she can get used to it?

  4. kokoro

    Your steam chicken looks scrumptious. What herbal concortion did you use? Matsalleh teachers always emphasize on independence but Chloe is a bit too young to be struggling with opening a thermos. Her teacher should have helped Chloe when Chloe approached her for help. Thankfully Chloe found a more helpful teacher to open her flask for her.

  5. shirleyloo

    nicely cooked!! yummy yummm yummm …. wat brand is that Barb u remember? i wanna get sum stock oso … my hubby loves this emperor chicken 😉

  6. mona p.

    Poor you… all the hard work for your daughter got ruined by a teacher…. I got to say sometime… SOME teachers are not helpful.

    anyhow, hope your note got some nice response.

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