Halloween Helper

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Halloween isn’t till Saturday.. but Chloe had a party at school .. and we offered to send in treats for her entire class.  Of course, we had more than just loot bags for her friends.. we bought another cake for her class as well.  This year Chloe helped with putting the treat bags together, previous years .. it was ang moh who did everything .. while watching a movie while i went ahead to look for jobs in Administration since I didn’t have a lot of work to do then.


Chloe was very helpful indeed – she followed instructions.. and made sure everyone had the same amount of candies.. and even tried tying the loot bag on her own.  Yes.. my daughter is growing up .. too fast in my opinion.  We are very thankful that she is kind, thoughtful.. and awfully compassionate.  She even kept a loot bag for her babysitter – who wasn’t with her this Halloween.  She wanted her mama and daddy to go trick a treating with her.. but she didn’t forget her babysitter.   I am definitely proud of Chloe .. despite everything .. despite all the disappointment.. she remained her usual . . a very compassionate and kind lil’ girl albeit whiny on days.. but that’s to be expected eh..?? afterall, she is a kid.

Halloween Apple Scarecrow

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I  know.. you must be wondering..  what is that..?? hahahhaha!!! i thought that myself.. when Chloe came home with it.  But i knew it was for some school project.. because we had offered to get the marshmallows for the class.  This happens to be a Hallloween scarecrow .. with a gummy for a head.

Chloe really learned a lot this year in school.. in fact her teachers made sure she try everything and anything.. they encourage her to try everythng.  And her school friends seems to be doing a lot of teaching too, they showed her the love of apples.. and she came home wanting apples for snacks instead of chocolate.  I’m so proud of Chloe. .when she chooses good food.. like that.

Quaker Oats

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Food Review,My Musing,Western | Wednesday 28 October 2009 3:14 pm


I went out for breakfast with a good girlfriend of mine who is also working on my term life insurance when i ordered plain old oats for breakfast.  She was kinda shocked that i was only eating oats and offered other things in the menu.. hahah!!  Funny how some ppl can think oats is plain and boring.  What about you ..?? you eat oats..?? or only when you are ill..??

But it’s true lah..the Quaker Oats box can be quite deceiving hor..?? after nuking it.. it looks kinda plain and gross.. but it’s so healthy.. and really filling.  Whenever I eat oats in the morning.. i feel really good about myself – you know our body can only take so much junk.  I even have turkey bacon instead of regular one.. and of course.. if i can find ones with less salt.. i would eat that instead.

Some ppl think that it’s only because i’m diabetic.. i’m watching my diet.. but truth be told.. i never really like junk food.. except for my laksa and char kway teow.  And since i can’t find it anywheres here.. except for great online friends.. and family from home.. that sends me the paste for them.. i can’t get it.   But give me rojak .. i can eat it.. everyday with my rice.

Octopus aka Sotong

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Frozen Food,Seafood | Tuesday 27 October 2009 12:44 pm


Being so used to fresh food from home.. i cannot help … even after being in Canada for so long.. to look at the fresh food counter everytime i am in the grocery store.  I just love to see if there are any new and good stuff.  For those who are not aware of this.. a small piece of salmon can cost one $4.49 + taxes.. but frozen scallops can be as little as $6.50 for a pound.  Ironic right..?  yup..!


Now i was wondering.. if i bought this octopus.. what am i gonna do with it..?? hahahhaha!!!  usually hor.. we eat sotong .. by making calamari outta it.. or sambal sotong on hot plate at our local hawker center right..??  but you know lah..  the ang mohs not very much into sotong .. and if i eat i want it to be with sambal.  So pray tell.

More Gifts From Hawaii

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,The Brat | Monday 26 October 2009 11:32 am


Did i mention how many good ppl i’ve met online here on my blog..??  Yes.. we’ve been touched and overwhelmed by the many, many good hearted ppl here on my blog.  They have been so kind and many had sent numerous things for me.. and my daughter, Chloe.  I’m completely indebted to them.. and grateful for their unconditional generosity and kindness.  One such person is Julie from Hawaii – Julie had already sent a teddy to chloe more than a month ago, and followed by this gift that came a week later.. but i didn’t put it up due to being so busy offline and online.


I guess to me.. it’s not so much the value of the gift.. but the heart, thoughts and effort taken .. by these kind ppl to send stuff to us – is what touches me most.  Even before I started this food blog, friends from my old blogs- like Stephanie and Eucee just to name a few were sending gifts of food.. and toys for chloe and I.  I am grateful and humbled by their unconditional friendship – no drama – rama like my recent encounter, just plain friendship.


And Julie from Hawaii, need not send anything to us.. at all… but she did.. and as usual.. chloe was thrilled.. with her gifts.  Some specialty nuts from Hawaii – and we just opened some macadamia nuts.


Chloe loves the calendar that Julie sent.. and even brought one to school to share with her teachers and friends in school.


And of course and invitation card that sits on my working desk right now.. of Julie and Grant’s wedding that happened yesterday.  Congrats again.. Julie…!!


Chloe was very intrigue by the wedding card.. she wanted to know if it meant.. she was invited for the wedding.. muahahahha!!! and of course the little gift box of wedding favor from Julie – a crystal heart shaped memento – very, very sweet.  Sorry i donch have a nice picture of  it..  so i couldn’t post it up.


Another calendar .. that Chloe loves.. and wants to hang it in her room as soon as she got home.  Julie .. thank you .. thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Chloe and I wish you a blessed marriage – and our home is always open to you .. when you are in this area.

Diabetic Apple Pie

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Diabetic,Food Review,My Musing,Useful Tips | Friday 23 October 2009 3:53 pm


As a diabetic, I’m always on a look out for food or desserts that will fit my diet.  I never thought that being a diabetic was hard because if one can eat moderately and take your proper medication .. i would think it can be controlled.  But I know i have to work on my exercising – i blame it on the darn cold weather here .. but truth be told.. that should not even be the excuse. afterall, exercising can clear acne too.  Anyhow, coming back to this awesome dessert that i found for all diabetics out there.  The local grocery store carries this.. and i found it by fluke.  It has no sugar added and is sweetened by a sugar alternative – splenda – therefore if you eat them reasonably..  not the whole pie.. of course..!  it should be quite alright.  It tasted really good too.. and you won’t know the difference.  So if you feel you need a dessert, you can try looking out for this diabetic apple pie.  And this is not an advertisement ok..!! hahhahaha!!!  just wanted to share my finding with all those who has diabetes.. and those who wants to stay healthy.

Vegetable Curry & Naan

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Friendship,My Musing | Thursday 22 October 2009 3:30 pm


You all know .. i crave for food from home and even though i love curry a lot, there is only so much curry chicken one can eat with rice and noodles right.  So when Charmaine sent one of those vegies curry paste, i decided to make some vegie curry for dinner – but since i have been having rice and vegies for so I looked for something else to go with my vegie curry instead.


Yes..! they do have naan here.. but not as popular with the people here.. and really i can’t eat that much naan in one meal.  So i had to freeze the 2nd piece for another day.  The garlic naan that i had wasn’t too bad.. nor were they expensive .. about $4 .. and it’s easy and already cook.  All you need to do, is to heat them up in the oven.. and it’s ready to eat.  Yums..!!

Macadamia Nuts From Hawaii

Posted by mamabok | Friendship,My Musing,Snacks,The Brat | Wednesday 21 October 2009 2:13 pm


I cannot stress enough how blessed we are to have met ppl from all over the world.  And good ppl at that!  Julie from Hawaii who is getting married this weekend.. sent not only a teddy bear for Chloe a month ago, but also another package containing more goodies .. and one of them are these Macadamia nuts that we opened today to eat.  It was delicious.. and although Chloe refused to taste them.. i loved them.


Good friends are hard to come by.. and when you find a good one.. you want to keep it.  And Julie is definitely a keeper – Chloe and I were racking our brains to find the perfect present for Julie .. for her wedding.. but we decided instead to get her a gift .. for her home.  That way, Julie and her hubby – the handsome Grant.. can always think of us when they see it.  Once again.. I wanna thank the many good ppl here.. who have been extremely kind to us.. and take this opportunity to wish Julie a blissful marriage and CONGRATS ..!!!  a wedding is just the beginning of your life together and in any happy marriage – it’s a lot of compromising and never think you can change the other person. Once you think you can change your partner – that’s when trouble begins.

Smoked Salmon

Posted by mamabok | Frozen Food,My Musing,Seafood,The Other Half | Tuesday 20 October 2009 12:14 am


Fish anyone..?? i think the ang moh’s father said it was smoked salmon.. and it was caught by Garth if i am not wrong. But it’s all frozen up as you can see.


You all know i love fish lah.. but smoked fish.. i was told not to eat too much .. because i am diabetic wor.  Anyhow..  i still take smoked salmon..  sometimes.. but not often.   I guess if i didn’t have so much diet restriction .. i could eat this everyday.


I think this is a piece that came from the big fish.. ang moh’s father offered me some to try.. but i didn’t.. because when one gets older.. the tummy just won’t listen to you no more.


You know i had that puking thing a  year and a half ago.. that landed me in the hospital.. therefore.. nowadays.. i very kaisu.. and kaisi.. hahahha!!  I think i’m getting old lah..!! monkey brains also got eat before.. and smoked fish dare not to eat ..!! can die or not..??

Eating Chocolate Cookies The Right Way

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Junke Food,My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half | Sunday 18 October 2009 10:54 am


Trust the ang mohs.. to come up with ways to eat their cookie.  And the daddy to teach the brat the “right” way to eat her chocolate cookies.  We saw some whipped cream.. on sale for air miles – so the ang moh had to get some of course.  While the brat already had ice cream during lunch at Jungle Jims.. she came back home.. asking for a cookie.


Darn happy with her cookie .. and waiting to eat it.


But she was a sport.. and let me take enough pictures too.


The eating begins.


Going at it .. !


Hehehe! the right way to eating your chocolate cookies .. is with whipped cream.. and smosh your face into it.. hahahhaha!!!

Agar-Agar Mooncake

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Chinese,Food From Home,Meet Up With,My Musing | Saturday 17 October 2009 9:09 am

Agar-agar mooncake_box

Amy from Australia wantedd to share these with me.. so i thought .. i should also share it with everyone.   She is too sweet eh.  Thanks.. Amy..!!

Would like to share these photos of agar-agar mooncakes that were prepared by a Malaysian chinese restaurant near where I live.  They are more expensive than the traditional mooncakes.  The durian and yam flavour was the best.  The egg yolk is made from some fruit paste and looks good and taste was OK. Never love mooncakes as they are too sweet but what the heck – just to try this new type of mooncakes. Has anyone tried agar-agar mooncake!!!

Agar-agar mooncake

Yummy eh..!!

Pork Leg Vinegar

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Chinese,Food From Home,My Musing | Friday 16 October 2009 1:37 am


I donch know if it is called that..?? hahah!! but you eat this after your confinement.. and during the baby’s full moon celebration.  But this was given to me.. when Mr Zhu had the full moon party yesterday.   Truth be told.. i haven’t eaten it before..  took a whiff each time. .someone offered it to me.. but hardly ever had the desire to taste it.  But since I watched Baby Jerven came to the world.. and was the first to carry him..  i felt really special – just like when i got my stainless steel tiles , so i tried to eat it today.  But guess what..?? they were really, really fatty.. i ended up eating the ends only.  So wasted hor .. but really every piece in this bowl were fat.. muahahahha!!! and definitely sweet.  Perhaps .. Mr Zhu from China.. does it differently from us..?

Thanksgiving Desserts

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,The Brat,The Other Half | Thursday 15 October 2009 12:26 pm


We had bought desserts for Thanksgiving at Chloe’s grandparents.. since they are cooking up a meal that day.  We bought a cake..  and it was of course popular.


We also bought some squares.. which was pretty popular too.


Ice cream we bought, also popular..!! we bought a big box of strawberries.. but was unopened.. and a watermelon.. that wasn’t cut opened either.. so poor me.. no desserts.. muahahahha!!!  We brought home the strawberries.. and watermelon.  Looks like ang mohs donch like fruits.. muahahhaha!!!

More Mooncakes

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Cakes/Desserts,Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review | Wednesday 14 October 2009 10:43 am


So Thanksgiving came and went.. but today..  i had a pleasant surprise.. because Mr Zhu came over to give me more mooncakes and someone bought me some best anti wrinkle creams for present.  But you know me.. lah.. i cannot eat so much right.. diabetic.. so i only asked for one.. and one for those with one egg.   So happily i opened it up to eat .. and what did i find..??


It was a fruit kinda mooncake – so i thought ..  nevermind lah.. ppl so nice.. and think of me right..?? so i cut it up and it..  and gues what..??  so sweet lah..!!!! *slap forehead*   and i really try lah..!!!  So i had no choice.. donch wanna waste the mooncake mah.. so i returned to Mr Zhu.. the ones not eaten.. and thank him for it.


And he called back.. and apologized profusely .. and insisted that i take the one with double egg..  with lotus in it.  So sweet of him lah..  :)


Yummy .. yummy right..!! and not so sweet some more.. just my type.. but i greedy.. i quickly opened and ate a piece.  You know hor.. when i was in Singapore.. you can never get me to eat mooncake.. because i found it too sweet for my liking.. now hor..  looking forward to it.  Thanks to Mr Zhu..!! and Mrs Zhu lah.. so got heart.!

Too Precious

Posted by mamabok | Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,The Brat | Tuesday 13 October 2009 1:11 am


I just have to share this picture with everyone.  Friendship is an invaluable thing, Friendship is earned thru’ honestly, thru’ being fair, thru’ never treating your friends the way you don’t want to be treated, friendship is stepping up to protect and not trouble your friend, friendship is about what you can do for your friend and not the other way round.  And this precious lil’ gal’s parents’ friendship to us.. are priceless.  We watch chloe’s lil friend grow up.. both of them are invited to each others birthday party every year.   My Chloe and I are immensely blessed by this lil’ gal – as i watch her grow up so beautifully .. and playing with my Chloe..  I hope that they two will become good friends too.  Sarah is a year older than Chloe..  but both gals are so loved by both families.  We had gone to visit for a bit this morning.. to send a gift of crystal to Sarah – one that Chloe had picked out for all her friends.

Chloe Baked A Cake

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,My Musing,The Brat | Monday 12 October 2009 1:03 am


Thought I would share with all of you .. the outcome of chloe’s cake.. from baking with Grammie the other week.  She did a pretty good job.. and was pretty good at the listening part too. Of course, Grammie helped a lot .. i didn’t do anythng.. but sit and watch.. and soak in the bonding.  But Chloe was thrilled.


Not a bad attempt eh.. for a first timer..??  Yesterday .. grampie tried to use Chloe to get Grammie to make a pie.. muahahhahaha!!!  in which Grammie told Grampie.. donch even try.. muahhaha!!! Sorry Grampie.. can’t help you there.

Halloween Cupcakes

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half | Sunday 11 October 2009 12:43 am


These Halloween cupcakes were bought because Chloe fancied them.. but she is an awesome kid.. and never asked for more than one a day.   On Saturday .. she had one for tea break.. and in the evening.. i had asked her if she wanted another one.. for they were relatively small.  She replied.. “no mama .. i already had one in the afternoon.. don’t you remember..??” muhahahaha!!  but the “ang moh” … of course it’s a different story lah. .. .muahahha!!  by the way.. cakes here are darn cheap..  this one cost only $5.99.

Pei Dan Sau Yok Chook

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Friendship,My Musing,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Saturday 10 October 2009 10:34 pm


Saturday came and went.. and we’ve been without a babysitter for 2 weeks now.. time for a myrtle beach vacations I thought to myself.  Feeling like a vacation .. and a wee bit nostalgia about the long weekend.. whereby if we didn’t own our own business… and back home in Asia.. we would have fly out to our neighbouring countries .. for a short break.


Lucky for me.. I have to Zhu’s to take care of me..  I had planned to order my wanton soup and an egg roll .. but instead .. Mr Zhu offered me some Century Egg and Pork congee.  2 bowls were given to me.. and guess what..?? greedy me.. sapu all at once.  Well, it was afterall, lunch time.  The ang moh ordered 5 chicken balls.. and the Zhu’s only charged him $2 for it.  *slap forehead* .. see lah.. how not to repay them for their generousity.

Organic Carrots

Posted by mamabok | My Musing,The Brat,Vegies | Friday 9 October 2009 3:44 pm


Chloe’s grampie grows his own vegies.. if you don’t know by now.  And MANNNN!!!  they are good..! unfortunately, the lil’ brat don’t eat carrots that much now.. but she had no problems.. showing them off.  She loves her grampie’s peas, corn, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.


More carrots anyone..?

Nasi Lemak

Posted by mamabok | Uncategorized | Thursday 8 October 2009 2:29 pm


After not having Nasi Lemak for 10 yrs .. i decided that I should cooked it myself..  even though i know it is very sinful to eat it.   So here’s goes  – i asked on FB .. on how to cook Ikan bilis .. and all my blogging friend came back and showed me how.  So this time.. my ikan bilis wasn’t so salty.. and edible.    The very first time i cooked some ikan bilis.. it was so salty.. i had to throw it out.. muahahahah!!! yes.. you guessed as much.. i didn’t rinsed it out enough.


Using the sambal that Charmaine from Australia had mailed to me .. together with gifts for Chloe before the school reopened .. i finally got to use it with the ikan bilis instead of drooling on it.. every other day.  The result..  awesome..!!!   The taste…??? lagi awesome..!!


I also had bought some Nasi Lemak Rice powder .. about a year ago, and finally used it with the rice.. although i didn’t use the full packet – only half – the rice still turned out pretty fragrant and tasted exactly like Nasi Lemak from home.  But of course, I’ve gotta have it with baked salmon.. and lots of cucumbers.


The pot of rice and the ikan bilis lasted for a week.. as you can see i packed them for lunch with an egg one day.. but most days.. i just eat a few spoonful of it.. so that i don’t overdose myself with carbs .. and high calories.  It was pretty awesome.. for now.. i’m not craving for Nasi Lemak.  Thanks again to Charmaine from Australia – your good deed is greatly appreciated.

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