Thought I would share with all of you .. the outcome of chloe’s cake.. from baking with Grammie the other week.  She did a pretty good job.. and was pretty good at the listening part too. Of course, Grammie helped a lot .. i didn’t do anythng.. but sit and watch.. and soak in the bonding.  But Chloe was thrilled.


Not a bad attempt eh.. for a first timer..??  Yesterday .. grampie tried to use Chloe to get Grammie to make a pie.. muahahhahaha!!!  in which Grammie told Grampie.. donch even try.. muahhaha!!! Sorry Grampie.. can’t help you there.


  1. shirleyloo

    so sweet of her .. learning baking all oredy at this age 😉 btw lil Chloe, ur cake looks delicious leh!!! Auntie Shirley give you 9/10 marks hehe..

  2. The finished chocolate cake looks marvelous… Chloe, you really did a super job and look like you had a lot of fun while baking with your Grammie,too. * WONDERFUL!* 🙂

  3. soofen

    looks really great for a first timer~ cos I thought it was bought from the bakery shop before I read your messages… haha well done

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