Trust the ang mohs.. to come up with ways to eat their cookie.  And the daddy to teach the brat the “right” way to eat her chocolate cookies.  We saw some whipped cream.. on sale for air miles – so the ang moh had to get some of course.  While the brat already had ice cream during lunch at Jungle Jims.. she came back home.. asking for a cookie.


Darn happy with her cookie .. and waiting to eat it.


But she was a sport.. and let me take enough pictures too.


The eating begins.


Going at it .. !


Hehehe! the right way to eating your chocolate cookies .. is with whipped cream.. and smosh your face into it.. hahahhaha!!!


  1. Chloe, you look so adorable in the pictures. Cookie with whipped cream…what a special treat! I wouldn’t mind eating one cookie like that after work now and then. 🙂

  2. alice kwek

    Those whipped cream, how many calories huh? Chloe can eat her cookies this way, I would love to, but don’t think my system can take it.

  3. shirleyloo

    can see she so loves the cream rather than the cookies eh?? 😉 i’ll try this for my son next time…

  4. kaliana

    awww, she’s so cute eating that cookie!! Love the last pic of her! I’ve never actually tried eating a cookie with whipped cream.. maybe I’ll try one day! =)

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