Halloween isn’t till Saturday.. but Chloe had a party at school .. and we offered to send in treats for her entire class.  Of course, we had more than just loot bags for her friends.. we bought another cake for her class as well.  This year Chloe helped with putting the treat bags together, previous years .. it was ang moh who did everything .. while watching a movie while i went ahead to look for jobs in Administration since I didn’t have a lot of work to do then.


Chloe was very helpful indeed – she followed instructions.. and made sure everyone had the same amount of candies.. and even tried tying the loot bag on her own.  Yes.. my daughter is growing up .. too fast in my opinion.  We are very thankful that she is kind, thoughtful.. and awfully compassionate.  She even kept a loot bag for her babysitter – who wasn’t with her this Halloween.  She wanted her mama and daddy to go trick a treating with her.. but she didn’t forget her babysitter.   I am definitely proud of Chloe .. despite everything .. despite all the disappointment.. she remained her usual . . a very compassionate and kind lil’ girl albeit whiny on days.. but that’s to be expected eh..?? afterall, she is a kid.


  1. Chloe seems like a very responsible little girl for such young age. No doubt that you and your husband have a lot of credits for raising a daughter like Chloe. I am sure when Chloe grows up, she will make both of your the PROUDEST parents in town! 🙂

  2. Lina

    Yes, very thankful blessed indeed, to have such a lovely, kind, thoughtful daughter. Way to go Jan, keep up the good job! Just like me now, i can ‘kiao ka’ ….lol

  3. soofen

    aww~sweet… Chloe is indeed a kind and lovely girl, not to be doubt that she is also filial piety~:)

  4. Kokoro

    Hi MB, you truly deserve to be a proud mother with such a sweet and compassionate little daughter. It all reflects back on you as a parent. Good work and well done!

  5. Kim


    I love yr site. it has been a long time i never visit yr site, may be 9 mths or more due to heavy workload. when i look at it again, i cannot just click and see the hk tv movie. Anyone can help me ? I am not good in computer knowledge. Anyway, appreciate all your hardword for download for everyone view.

    Thanks .

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