I cannot stress enough how blessed we are to have met ppl from all over the world.  And good ppl at that!  Julie from Hawaii who is getting married this weekend.. sent not only a teddy bear for Chloe a month ago, but also another package containing more goodies .. and one of them are these Macadamia nuts that we opened today to eat.  It was delicious.. and although Chloe refused to taste them.. i loved them.


Good friends are hard to come by.. and when you find a good one.. you want to keep it.  And Julie is definitely a keeper – Chloe and I were racking our brains to find the perfect present for Julie .. for her wedding.. but we decided instead to get her a gift .. for her home.  That way, Julie and her hubby – the handsome Grant.. can always think of us when they see it.  Once again.. I wanna thank the many good ppl here.. who have been extremely kind to us.. and take this opportunity to wish Julie a blissful marriage and CONGRATS ..!!!  a wedding is just the beginning of your life together and in any happy marriage – it’s a lot of compromising and never think you can change the other person. Once you think you can change your partner – that’s when trouble begins.


  1. I love Macadamia nuts,every once in a while if some friends are going to Hawaii for time off. I always ask them to bring home some honey roasted and coffee glazed macadamia nuts, so good…! 🙂

  2. shirleyloo

    oohh..macadamia nuts!! my fave nuts … should try the curry powder coated darn nice loh!!! but too exp lah … Lina n MB u gals so gud can get free sum more … hehe

    MB u r so rite loh… whenever I start pick on my hubby, argument will start haizz… ;-(

  3. Olivia Chan

    I’m craving Macadamian Nuts…I think there’s a lot of fat though, got to get on that run tonight.

    I think people can grow and change, but don’t expect a 180 degrees after marriage.

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