Did i mention how many good ppl i’ve met online here on my blog..??  Yes.. we’ve been touched and overwhelmed by the many, many good hearted ppl here on my blog.  They have been so kind and many had sent numerous things for me.. and my daughter, Chloe.  I’m completely indebted to them.. and grateful for their unconditional generosity and kindness.  One such person is Julie from Hawaii – Julie had already sent a teddy to chloe more than a month ago, and followed by this gift that came a week later.. but i didn’t put it up due to being so busy offline and online.


I guess to me.. it’s not so much the value of the gift.. but the heart, thoughts and effort taken .. by these kind ppl to send stuff to us – is what touches me most.  Even before I started this food blog, friends from my old blogs- like Stephanie and Eucee just to name a few were sending gifts of food.. and toys for chloe and I.  I am grateful and humbled by their unconditional friendship – no drama – rama like my recent encounter, just plain friendship.


And Julie from Hawaii, need not send anything to us.. at all… but she did.. and as usual.. chloe was thrilled.. with her gifts.  Some specialty nuts from Hawaii – and we just opened some macadamia nuts.


Chloe loves the calendar that Julie sent.. and even brought one to school to share with her teachers and friends in school.


And of course and invitation card that sits on my working desk right now.. of Julie and Grant’s wedding that happened yesterday.  Congrats again.. Julie…!!


Chloe was very intrigue by the wedding card.. she wanted to know if it meant.. she was invited for the wedding.. muahahahha!!! and of course the little gift box of wedding favor from Julie – a crystal heart shaped memento – very, very sweet.  Sorry i donch have a nice picture of  it..  so i couldn’t post it up.


Another calendar .. that Chloe loves.. and wants to hang it in her room as soon as she got home.  Julie .. thank you .. thank you for your thoughtfulness.  Chloe and I wish you a blessed marriage – and our home is always open to you .. when you are in this area.


  1. Congratulations to the newlyweds Julie & Grant! Wishing you both a happy marriage together. Thank you for posting up the photos, especially the ones that Chloe holding the wedding invitation card, it’s so special. 🙂

  2. ilovetvb

    Wow! what a beautiful invitation. I love weddings. Congrats to Julie! All the best to you and new hubby.

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