So Thanksgiving came and went.. but today..  i had a pleasant surprise.. because Mr Zhu came over to give me more mooncakes and someone bought me some best anti wrinkle creams for present.  But you know me.. lah.. i cannot eat so much right.. diabetic.. so i only asked for one.. and one for those with one egg.   So happily i opened it up to eat .. and what did i find..??


It was a fruit kinda mooncake – so i thought ..  nevermind lah.. ppl so nice.. and think of me right..?? so i cut it up and it..  and gues what..??  so sweet lah..!!!! *slap forehead*   and i really try lah..!!!  So i had no choice.. donch wanna waste the mooncake mah.. so i returned to Mr Zhu.. the ones not eaten.. and thank him for it.


And he called back.. and apologized profusely .. and insisted that i take the one with double egg..  with lotus in it.  So sweet of him lah..  🙂


Yummy .. yummy right..!! and not so sweet some more.. just my type.. but i greedy.. i quickly opened and ate a piece.  You know hor.. when i was in Singapore.. you can never get me to eat mooncake.. because i found it too sweet for my liking.. now hor..  looking forward to it.  Thanks to Mr Zhu..!! and Mrs Zhu lah.. so got heart.!


  1. kammy

    So true Mamabok.. I never eat mooncake when I was in HK, now I miss everything and eat anything when whatsoever festival comes!!

  2. christina

    you will be surprise there are so many different kind and flavour of mooncakes here in malaysia. there have low sugar mooncakes too……

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