After not having Nasi Lemak for 10 yrs .. i decided that I should cooked it myself..  even though i know it is very sinful to eat it.   So here’s goes  – i asked on FB .. on how to cook Ikan bilis .. and all my blogging friend came back and showed me how.  So this time.. my ikan bilis wasn’t so salty.. and edible.    The very first time i cooked some ikan bilis.. it was so salty.. i had to throw it out.. muahahahah!!! yes.. you guessed as much.. i didn’t rinsed it out enough.


Using the sambal that Charmaine from Australia had mailed to me .. together with gifts for Chloe before the school reopened .. i finally got to use it with the ikan bilis instead of drooling on it.. every other day.  The result..  awesome..!!!   The taste…??? lagi awesome..!!


I also had bought some Nasi Lemak Rice powder .. about a year ago, and finally used it with the rice.. although i didn’t use the full packet – only half – the rice still turned out pretty fragrant and tasted exactly like Nasi Lemak from home.  But of course, I’ve gotta have it with baked salmon.. and lots of cucumbers.


The pot of rice and the ikan bilis lasted for a week.. as you can see i packed them for lunch with an egg one day.. but most days.. i just eat a few spoonful of it.. so that i don’t overdose myself with carbs .. and high calories.  It was pretty awesome.. for now.. i’m not craving for Nasi Lemak.  Thanks again to Charmaine from Australia – your good deed is greatly appreciated.


  1. alice kwek

    Yummy, nasi lemak is also my fav food, but can’t eat too much, high cholestrol la. You can buy ikan bilis in Nova Scotia? Or either Lina/Barb sent you?

  2. Amy Chia

    Very delicious. How did you manage to get the ikan bilis to be crispy? I washed them before frying and it becomes rubbery.

  3. bargainermom

    Great job on the nasi lemak!!! Wow! you make me salivate…you just gave me a great idea…I might try to cook that this weekend…mmm…Way to go MB! Did Chloe like it?

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