Being so used to fresh food from home.. i cannot help … even after being in Canada for so long.. to look at the fresh food counter everytime i am in the grocery store.  I just love to see if there are any new and good stuff.  For those who are not aware of this.. a small piece of salmon can cost one $4.49 + taxes.. but frozen scallops can be as little as $6.50 for a pound.  Ironic right..?  yup..!


Now i was wondering.. if i bought this octopus.. what am i gonna do with it..?? hahahhaha!!!  usually hor.. we eat sotong .. by making calamari outta it.. or sambal sotong on hot plate at our local hawker center right..??  but you know lah..  the ang mohs not very much into sotong .. and if i eat i want it to be with sambal.  So pray tell.


  1. i have a lot of gwai loh friends whom are not into sotong … even my hubby is not into it … he doesn’t like the tentacle parts (which I love).

  2. keen

    I think can deep fried with tempura flour. Pls make sure that the Octopus is dried properly with a kitchen towel before frying. Japanese tempura flour will make the Octopus crispy. Eat with maggie chillie sauce. It is yummy as a finger food.

  3. Anita

    Whoa, that’s the first time ever I’ve seen a live octopus like that! I love octopus though, actually i love all seafood!! 😀

  4. i only know got shashimi style octopus in Japan thru documentaries 🙂 oh ya, and also those baby octopus in jap restaurants 🙂

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