Chloe’s grampie grows his own vegies.. if you don’t know by now.  And MANNNN!!!  they are good..! unfortunately, the lil’ brat don’t eat carrots that much now.. but she had no problems.. showing them off.  She loves her grampie’s peas, corn, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.


More carrots anyone..?


  1. kokoro

    Homegrown veggies are the best! Chloe looks so pretty in the pic. Love that pose with that carrot dangling from her little fingers!

  2. Michele

    I’m not much of a carrot fan unless it’s in soup, but there’s another way to benefit from carrots. Try making juice: apple, carrot juice. It’s really good since apples are sweet. You’ll taste some carrot flavor but it’s really yummy. You should try it, MB. Homemade is the best!

  3. alice kwek

    Yah, Lina u’re right… but I can’t plant carrots yet … must wait for a while more…I’m sure organic carrots taste great with no pesticides at all!

  4. bargainermom

    Chloe is so lucky!!! homegrown fruits and veggies are the best! I am also not a great fan of carrots,but I love carrot juice with green apples and oranges. I juiced them for my kids once or twice a week and they love it too. Maybe Chloe might like the juice too! I bet those carrots are going to be juicy and sweet!! MMmmmm…yummy!

  5. shirleyloo

    ORGANIC oso got ah ur in-law?? sure geng woh!!! so many fruits sum more, must be a big dealer hor?

    wei Lina, now u remind me of farmtown, barn buddy, happy farm, country story, etc… all the farming games hehe

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