I donch know if it is called that..?? hahah!! but you eat this after your confinement.. and during the baby’s full moon celebration.  But this was given to me.. when Mr Zhu had the full moon party yesterday.   Truth be told.. i haven’t eaten it before..  took a whiff each time. .someone offered it to me.. but hardly ever had the desire to taste it.  But since I watched Baby Jerven came to the world.. and was the first to carry him..  i felt really special – just like when i got my stainless steel tiles , so i tried to eat it today.  But guess what..?? they were really, really fatty.. i ended up eating the ends only.  So wasted hor .. but really every piece in this bowl were fat.. muahahahha!!! and definitely sweet.  Perhaps .. Mr Zhu from China.. does it differently from us..?


  1. mona p.

    I know. When My sister was going to give birth, my mom cooked a huge amount of that for her to eat after she gave birth, and to give to others.

  2. angie

    yup that’s the direct translation, pork leg vinegar. Just the thought of it makes my saliva flow not cause its tasty but cause its so sour. Supposedly its a very potent in that it helps with bladder control after delivery!

  3. i just had this a few days ago 🙂 supposed to be eaten by the mom on the 12th confinement day. yes…almost every part is fatty and only a few pieces of lean meat.

  4. Wai

    I love this dish! The ginger and the Chinese red vinegar…wait am I thinking of the other dish for the baby’s first full month. Lol, that is for being a CBC, that’s what I am. I hope my mom would make it for me, when it comes to my turn. If not, then I will have to make it myself, and someone can send me the recipe for it too, thanks.

  5. Doris

    My mother in law made this for me after I had my baby. It is fatty, but my mother in law tried her best to make it less fatty as possible. I only had a few eggs and drank the soup. A good sweet vinegar is what she used so it wasn’t too sour. I was told to eat the ginger, but I couldn’t… there is so much you can eat, right…

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