I went out for breakfast with a good girlfriend of mine who is also working on my term life insurance when i ordered plain old oats for breakfast.  She was kinda shocked that i was only eating oats and offered other things in the menu.. hahah!!  Funny how some ppl can think oats is plain and boring.  What about you ..?? you eat oats..?? or only when you are ill..??

But it’s true lah..the Quaker Oats box can be quite deceiving hor..?? after nuking it.. it looks kinda plain and gross.. but it’s so healthy.. and really filling.  Whenever I eat oats in the morning.. i feel really good about myself – you know our body can only take so much junk.  I even have turkey bacon instead of regular one.. and of course.. if i can find ones with less salt.. i would eat that instead.

Some ppl think that it’s only because i’m diabetic.. i’m watching my diet.. but truth be told.. i never really like junk food.. except for my laksa and char kway teow.  And since i can’t find it anywheres here.. except for great online friends.. and family from home.. that sends me the paste for them.. i can’t get it.   But give me rojak .. i can eat it.. everyday with my rice.


  1. oats.. erm dun like ler..

    but i know it’s good for the heart.. and also absorbs fats from the body. Rite? mayb i shud eat it regularly now.. since i m no more in my 20’s.. HAha 😀

  2. kate

    I eat oakmeal almost everyday for breakfast not because i’m ill or watching my diet, it’s because i think it’s healthy. I add alittle of cranberries or nuts in it to make it a little more interesting. =)

  3. I love to cook instant oatmeal for breakfast in the morning. I also make oatmeal raisins cookies for snacks. My family enjoy them, too. Have A Nice Weekend,Everybody! 🙂

  4. ilovetvb

    I love oatmeal, but I don’t have time to make it everyday for breakfast. Only on weekends. I don’t like to eat the instant kind – it just doesn’t taste the same. I love to add a little bit of brown sugar and one egg to my oatmeal. It is so healthy and delicious…wish I could eat it every morning.

  5. Wai

    I love making oatmeal, especially for my lo gung. I’ll make my mom’s way when she fed the four of us at home. Oatmeal, water, sugar, egg, milk and sugar.

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