Fish anyone..?? i think the ang moh’s father said it was smoked salmon.. and it was caught by Garth if i am not wrong. But it’s all frozen up as you can see.


You all know i love fish lah.. but smoked fish.. i was told not to eat too much .. because i am diabetic wor.  Anyhow..  i still take smoked salmon..  sometimes.. but not often.   I guess if i didn’t have so much diet restriction .. i could eat this everyday.


I think this is a piece that came from the big fish.. ang moh’s father offered me some to try.. but i didn’t.. because when one gets older.. the tummy just won’t listen to you no more.


You know i had that puking thing a  year and a half ago.. that landed me in the hospital.. therefore.. nowadays.. i very kaisu.. and kaisi.. hahahha!!  I think i’m getting old lah..!! monkey brains also got eat before.. and smoked fish dare not to eat ..!! can die or not..??


  1. Princess

    I love smoked salmon, but can’t have it too often. Like you said Jan, getting old, stomach “no tan wah”. Fiona

  2. keen

    Smoked salmon is nice but I prefer to buy fresh salmon from our market and pan fried with tempura flour. Serve with fresh grated ginger….Yummy!

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