We had bought desserts for Thanksgiving at Chloe’s grandparents.. since they are cooking up a meal that day.  We bought a cake..  and it was of course popular.


We also bought some squares.. which was pretty popular too.


Ice cream we bought, also popular..!! we bought a big box of strawberries.. but was unopened.. and a watermelon.. that wasn’t cut opened either.. so poor me.. no desserts.. muahahahha!!!  We brought home the strawberries.. and watermelon.  Looks like ang mohs donch like fruits.. muahahhaha!!!


  1. Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrating one month early than us here in the State. I love the decoration on the Cake, very colorful and look yummy, too. We usually cook a big turkey meal and have pumpkie pie for dessert to celebrate our Thanksgiving Dinner. 🙂

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